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Location: Venezia, Italia
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I've just made a test today in late afternoon.
Wind slightly less than 10 ktn but increasing, 138 lt wide board, 9,5 camless sail (Hot Sails Maui Stealth from 2003), rigged over a cheap 490/30 100% carbon by Tribord-Decathlon with long extension and a ridiculous fully extended alloy cheap boom. Lots of fun.

I'm 90 kg. If you're more lightweight planing threshold could be lower.
You buy the new camless and stressless Hot Sails Maui Speed Demon 9,7 that requires a 490 mast and a common freerace boom up to 240. You save a HUGE amount of money compared to a 1000 usd race sail, a 800 usd carbon 550 or 580, and a 700 usd carbon boom 250/300.
Then if in the future you'll feel you need to plane earlier you keep the 9,7 for "stronger winds" and you go for a 12,5
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sergio k
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Nakaniko, looks like you're having fun! One thing I'd suggest, alum boom +90 kg + 10m2 sail
is not a good strategy long term. There's a solution, find a used carbon boom, even if it's a broken one,
what we learned here in Miami (the land of light winds) with a some carbon fiber and epoxy, you can rebuild/improve carbon booms, doesn't take great skill, just some time and patience and you save yourself
lots of money, I personally widened the tail, rebuild head and extended the body on mine... and
made it stronger in the process.
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Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: Venezia, Italia
Posts: 142

Thnx Sergio, I know well it. Using the old Tribord was only for first attempt with 9,5 in Venice, I could clearly see it bending a lot and the few times I was pumping I had the fear of a sudden breackage (not so good a mile away from my boat).
My goal here was to show to our beginner that also with a cheap rig is possible to do lightwind windsurfing.
Really I already own a good carbon 190-240, but it is part of the "rest of the world quiver", in fact living in Venice watertown means having two different quivers, one kept here for the rough transport and use from tmy boat, one, up to know the better, for the rest of the world, especially because in Venice real wind is not so frequent, mainly is a 5/10 ktn spot with only some windy days.
But the arrival of my new fantastic Serenity has somewhat changed the situation, now I have a lot of opportunities here and so I can also be prepared if wind picks up. The 9,5 is intended to lower the threshold of planning to 10 knots of wind, the level where Serenity imho start to give up.
Some concern about carrying a carbon boom in my boat full of windsurf stuff, so I was wondering if my old but strongert North Progression could be useful. But my choices are out of topic, the goal here is to show the windsurf opportunities with a formula/wideboard to a newbie (thanks anyway).
Edit: the counterside of my camless 9,5 compared to a cambered race sail is that reaching 15 knots it becames unstable and hard to control, on the opposite, a race sail can handle much stronger winds, they tell me

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