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Default Starboard go 165 for learing

I'm thinking about getting a 2007 starboard Go 165l for learning on. Im 54 years old and I weight 85kg. will this board be suitable for me?
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I think it's ok for your first own board but for the very first steps on a windsurfing board I would recommend some of the boards that windsurfing schools use. If I was you, I'd take a short course at a school and then continue practising with for example 165 Go board.

Have you ever tried windsurfing? If not, I can tell you that 165 l board is not that big board as it may sound to more advanced windsurfers.

You'll learn to windsurf with 165 Go and it's a very nice board for sure. It's just the learning process: how nice you want it to be. If you want to enjoy every minute of learning, take a bigger board for start but if you're sure you'll manage the anger of falling over, go for Go. Just don't give up :-)
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Default panicleespolve

Probably the best in the world to learn on.
When you move on to smaller things, it can be used for teaching grandkids to sail, as a diving platform, ocean racer or as a replacement barn door.
A great choice that will stay with you for ever which is why 2nd hand ones are as rare as rocking horse shit.
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I would agree with Poster #2.
At 85 Kg. the 165 liter '07 Go is not going to give you the float and stability that a first time beginner
really needs to progress quickly through the very first steps to successful windsurfing.
If you have mastered uphauling, basic tacking (to turn around out on the water), maybe some basic
flare jibes, and can do so without falling off the board very much, then the GO 165 would be a good
2nd board.
Also, on the GO 165 (unless it comes equipped with the optional side fins (Starbilizers with the correct screws) you will have a difficult time staying upwind right at first.
A Start or Rio would be better as a first board.
This is not meant to discourage you...... I teach many beginners, and have found that a higher volume to sailor weight ratio, and a centerboard or center fin, are the keys to learning the basics of windsurifng quickly.
Without adequate volume, and without the center fin/centerboard you will become frustrated by falling off the board, and getting downwinded and having to do the "wall".
As suggested, a few lessons, at a good windsurfing school, on their beginner boards, would prepare you to sail the GO 165, and then you could use the GO to progress further.
Also, the wind strength, where you intend to learn, could have a significant impact on whether or not the
GO 165 will be fun.
At your weight, until you can handle a 6.5 m2 rig in a minimum of 12 knots of wind, you will be slogging along most of the time.
A board with more volume, but still at least 85 cm wide, with a centerboard/center fin, will have more "glide" and will be more fun until you are ready to start planing.
Once you are planing easily, then the GO 165 would indeed be one of the best boards available.
Hope this helps,
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