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Ian Fox
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Default RE: Highwind / Lightwind definitions

Expander presents a very detailed picture of the problem !

Actually, it's correct the ST126 and ST137 should score one or 2 "points" for "lightwind freeride" when considered that way..

"Mid wind" (or similar) catergory would help resolve that.

The chart is (was) a very macro level (covering "beginner" level thru to "extreme wave" in just a few lines..), so the intention was more general intro/explanation rather than the more specific selection detail contained on the individual pages etc..

But yeah, point(s) well made !

Cheers ~ ian
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Default RE: Highwind / Lightwind definitions


Hi Ian,

in my opinion, the chart is (was) a really remarkable effort in summarizing and comparing boards performances and (in theory) a very good system to guide all users (from beginners to experts) in board selection.

But, as already said, it should be improved providing for a further wind category, at least; and (perhaps) it should compare boards following a "group principle" instead of grouping all boards together (for example, light-wind boards should be compared only with themselves...).

I hope Starboard doesn't quit this useful comparison system in future.

- Exp.
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Default RE: Highwind / Lightwind definitions


IMvvvHO the chart was useful just the way it was. A rough guidance for board selection. Of course, one could add as much detail as he wants, but inevitably he will be adding complexity at the same time.
So, I'd leave the chart as it is (only I suspect that in quite a few cases a "consistent/inconsistent wind" guide would be even more useful than the "light/strong wind" one). Rather, I would add detail in the specific pages.

Some time ago I suggested, at least for specialistic boards, to specify in which conditions a board is first choice, and what a given board is best at.


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