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or sha
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Default making better the evo 92...

hey everybody...
i have an evo 92 2005 for couple of monthes now, and i feel that i'm not getting the most out of it.
the main problem is the "late" planning.it makes me get downwind way too much.
i thought about buying a bigger fin (i currntally have 24+28)...
what's the max fin i can put on?
i'm using my evo on 18+ knots b&j conditions and weighing 86 kg.

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Default RE: evo 92 re-fin

I too have an evo 92 and i am 85 kgs i took the small fin and replaced with a bigger fin.
It did help BUT not as much as you would think.
The rocker and tail to max width just make the board a tough go if your used to slalom stuff.
Even in heavier airs it didnt like pointing heading, up as much as youd would think it would, but then again that what it not meant to do!!!
it like taking a slalom design putting a wave fin on it and trying a few cutbacks...
i ahve to saY THOU FOR 92 LITRES IT FLOATS LIKE A DREAM AND IS VERY STABLE THE ..ooops caps lock... i have nosedived it more then a few times thou, the short nose is a bit tricky...
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