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Default Maximum Speed on a SB Go 151

I am interested what the maximum speed is for a Starboard Go 151, this weekend I was able to put 49km on the clock. I sailed the Board with the Standard Drake 480 fin and a SimmerStyle SCS 9.0m (wind 14-18k), had to switch to a 6.0m as the wind went to 22k.

If anyone has experience please share your setup of rig and fin.
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49km or 26.5 knots is pretty good speed on a GO 151. Not many sailors with good skills and a GPS will be on a GO, so it may be difficult to get many responses. Many think the GO isn't a performance board, but that really isn't so true. They are a little heavy for durability, but the design is excellent for a pretty high level of performance.

A buddy of mine still has an old GO from 2005?? and a 133 hypersonic that he uses to cover winds from 10 to 25 knots. We were out together on Sunday, he was on his go and an 11.0 and I was on my Formula 160 and an 11.0. I was clearly faster than him and topped out at 23.2 knots, but the winds were only 5-13 knots.

The newer go boards should perform much better than those from several years back and they clearly can be fast, just a lot more mass to move through the water than the formulas, futuras or iSonics.

In the right conditions and the right sail, I suspect that you haven't reached your top speed yet. A smaller fin, and flat water will not doubt help a bit. Your body weight is the key to making a big board and sail go fast. I suspect that your body weight is over 85kg and if it is in the 90kg range, you have even more potential to improve your speed. I am only 77kg, and I have found that I am just not heavy enough to go really fast. You should be running about 120 degrees off the wind for max speed. Mast foot about 2/3 back from the front of the track.

Keep it up, it's fun to check your speeds on every outing, I have been doing it for over 6 years.
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Hi Perry,
How fast you can go on the GO 151 depends alot on the sea state.
Probably the optimum speed (over 30 knots ...55.5 Km/h) can be achieved with a
7.0-8.0 m2 rig in 16-20 knots as the water remains pretty flat.
You have good speed so far!
Did you get the 49 K/h on the 9.0 m2 or the 6.0 m2?
6.0 is getting toward kinda small for the GO 151, and 9.0 is pretty large for that board.
Perhaps something in the middle (like a 7.5 m2) will get you to the max. possible.
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Thanks for reply was just wondering if I could go faster on the Go will try and keep you posted. The 49km was with a 9.0m 2011 Freerace sail of Simmer. Some sailors are using a Go and log their result at gps.speedsurfing.com, but I understand it is not a board when you are interested in speed. I bought the complete set also for my kids with a small sail 2.5m, now I am looking for the SB Ultrasonic 147 and a RRD FireRace 122 to make the set complete.

Keep you posted if I manage to put 55km on the clock.

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Default Maximum Speed on a SB Go 151

Still fiddling with the settings a bit, and I have asked some external smart cookies to look into this as well. Im hoping to have more improvements soon

Edit: The speed should be pretty snappy now.
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