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Default Foot strap screw size for GO171L

What is the correct size (US) for the foot straps for GO 171. I LOVE the board but the original screws seem too thick and therefore two of the stripped relatively fast. I want to get replacements. I am thinking of #14 and 1 and 1/4 inch long (with the pointy end filed). Will this work?
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Hello jpon2,
What year model is your GO 171L?
Can you measure the outside diameter of the screw (s) that pulled out?
It will be either a 6mm OD (older boards pre-2010) or a 7mm (boards newer than 2010.
Did you install the footstraps originally?
AFAIK there is no US equivalent for the 6mm PT (Plastics Technology) or the 7mm PT screw.
What you propose might work, then again it might not.
The footstrap screws are not wood screws nor are they sheet metal screws.
They are fairly special PT (Plastics Technology) screws with a very specific thread form
made to give the maximum pullout strength in engineering plastics like the footstrap inserts
are cast from.
Hope this helps,
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