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Is it sensible, to have an Futura 141-2010 and a ultrasonic 147 to each other? The difference is only 6 liters, however the chance that you will plane ealier isn't familiar with me. Can somebody say more about that? My sails are an North Warp. 11.0m2, NP-H2 9.2-7.7-6.7 and I also have an 122 Futura 2010.

Thanks for helping?

regards, Richard
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When you have volume enough, it's the width that counts for early planing.
US147 <-> FU141:
93 <-> 80 or 65 <-> 50 at the tail.
The length of th FU141 is 246 compared to 240 of the US147 which facilitates a more passive way of getting on the plane, but I think the US will definitely plane earlier, go better through lulls and point better.
IS87 / IS101 / RRD114 / US147
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Tail width at one foot off (OFO) is the keyword here. With an 11.0 m2 sail, forget the Futura 141. The UltraSonic is a perfect match with such a large sail.

Conversely, the Futura 122 is spot on with your smaller 6.7-9.2 m2 sails.

Cheers !

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