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Default Kombat 2005 vs 2006

Hi, Im getting a good deal on a kombat 105 from 2005 but the only test Ive read of any kombat is of the 2006 model and says:
With more user appeal than its predecessor, the Kombat 97 is a fantastic wave/freeride crossover board, coming recommended by us as a light wind manoeuvre-oriented board for light-medium weights or for heavyweights as their one-only board."

This seems to suggest that the 2005 kombats had low user appeal...

Could someone please talk me into buying this board? Bump&Jump coastal sailing and trying the "basic" freestyle tricks?

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Default RE: Kombat 2005 vs 2006

Hi not team but anyway ;
I think you will find k97 is from o7 model year.The k96 is from 06.
But dont think it makes a great deal of difference.
I have a k95 and love it. Its an ideal heavies wave board.Not tried k97 but have had an afternoon on k96 ! Veery much swings and roundabouts. Both boards planed up quick and turned superb.
K95 felt (IMHO) slightly looser but to be fair the 96 had a different fin in to one I normally use.
Dont really think changes between any (k95/96 or 97) would make you decide not to get anyone of them. In theory later models are supposed (???) to be quicker but I only use mine with inboard and forward strap (ie in wave)
I reckon any differenced between the 3 could be reversed ; changed or modified according to fin choice and position.
Not as big fan of classic box but it does mean you have loads of adjustment with fin.and mine (k95) is very fin sensitive.
I found k95 to be generally underfinned.(with 2 fins supplied)(240 and 280) Bought a MFC31 and it transformed board for use with 6.2. (largest I use on it)
If you are looking for a smooth sailing easy gybing big wave board I reckon any of the 3 are best on market at moment. (But I would because I bought one)
Never bothored with slalom set up but its a bonus .(Dont really want to load that box up but SB reckon its fine upto a 33)
Its a great board !
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Default RE: Kombat 2005 vs 2006


What's your weight and sail size quiver ?

Lots of talk on the 2005 archives, a few selection below as a starter :

Kombat 85 :


Kombat 95 :


Kombat 105 :


You can further search tons of archives by following the examples given within here :

http://www.star-board.com/forum/viewthread.php?forum_id=6&thread_id=21789&pid=1451 50#post_145150

Cheers !

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Default RE: Kombat 2005 vs 2006


Many people love their 05 Kombats but as often the case, the boards have improved over the years. Between 05 and 06 there was also a slight shift in "vision" about the Kombat koncept, I would say, and the 05 boards are a bit more "EVO style" with turnier rockers, softer rails and a more controlled oriented bottom shape. 06 boards got a faster rockers and a v bottom and 07 then thinner rails and a new trick v bottom design which improved turning, especiallt "high performance turning" at high speeds.

So, comparing betwen these, 07 and 06 are farily similar and 07 only improves some aspects of the ride butt the general feel is the same. These are boards that indded have a "wide user appeal" since they are both good turners, plane up early and efficiently and are fast also with little sailor input. Ver good all round boards.

The 05 version can be said to have less user appeal, but that comment needs to be specified. The boards are slower and slower to plane - or better put, they need some more sail power to get going. On the other hand they are looser on a wave, particularly on a smaller wave where you're doing tight twitchy turns. They also handle rought water in an exceptional way. The 06-07 is unusually good though chop too, but the 05 boards really excel in this aspect. The peoeple who use the 05 Kombats in this way generally like the A LOT.

But for the sailing you describe, I do think a 06 or preferably 07 would feel better. A 05 will work too though, but no doubt the 07 is a better mix of the qualities you seem to be after.

Hope this helps.
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Default RE: Kombat 2005 vs 2006

I'm not sure but I believe the O5s got a bit of a bad image from the magazines. The first few (if ir remember correctly) were of a heavier DurX construction and it seems that some of the mags reviewed these and commented on them as heavy and slow. I don't think this did the model any favours at the time. Very quickly starboard lightened the construction so most 05s were lighter. Having tried both, at the time it made quite a bit of difference.

I currently have a K96 and didn't feel the change to a K97 worth it as the difference is small for my skill level. On top of that the 2 fins suplied with the 06 boards made them a bargain.

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Default RE: Kombat 2005 vs 2006

Thanx for all the kind answers. Even though I didnt state my question very clearly, I still got good answers! Thanx all, and especially Ola_H since I wanted "team" input on differences between years.

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