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Brett Morris
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167W is a step up in performance. A bit more technical but definitely faster around the course.
It is that simple!
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Originally Posted by raffig View Post
a few riders over here have found it really "sticky" in order to get it into planning mode, particularly in marginal conditions (8-9 knots).
I think this is to do with the deeper cutouts; they seem to create a bit of a 'suck' under the board. That being said, I haven't had too much trouble with getting planing in very light winds, and I'm not using a 12m anymore ... It is definitely slower in the gybes with this extra width I believe and I think you have to always pump it from outside the straps when you try to plane (ie, not putting your front foot in the front strap, as this seems to dig the windward rail quite a bit on such a big board).

The key is with this board is that the tail is so powerful it generates a LOT of lift from the fin. So you don't need a big fin at all, in fact, you want just a really FAST fin.... I've been using a 70cm in all wind conditions very successfully and will probably go with that all season (how nice is one fin only!). I see a few guys on the Z's are using 71cut in all conditions and on the VMG like I am using a lot are going for 70 or up to a 73 ... so there's no need to use anything bigger than a few cm cutdown .. it's just drag and actually makes the board very hard to control downwind when the wind gets up....
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Sean, or someone else

I have the virus 72 and the HWR, what is the next step to get better upwind. I am no match at a PD with the same size fin(kashi). Is it the kashi or can I tune something els to get better upwind. The virus rake is 90 degrees on the back of the fin.

Hope to hear something
Thanks in advance
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@ Sean /Raffig: I also have no sticky feeling at all with this board (5 months of sailing now). In my opinion it planes very quickly, even with my weight of 97kg. I use the virus 70cm and NP evo 12m in 8 - 9 knots. I never pump on to the plane in the straps, never did before on other boards in marginal conditions.

Maybe the sticky feeling on your board (Raffig) is related with you sail set up / the downforce of the sail pressing the board to much down?

@ Brett: I don't agree the board is more technical. I think the board is a lot less technical when going up and down wind.

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I must admit I did feel the board was a little sucky/sticky and a little hard to pump onto the plane when I first got it. I then changed to a new ZF1 S- This fin is awesome on this board and I have had no problems since. Also I think the 167W takes a little bit of getting used to pumping the board up onto the plane in light winds.
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Old 18th May 2012, 02:53 PM   #96
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Default rake

after a few months of formula I like to know if there is experience withe the rake of the fin. Should it be 0 degrees( at the back of the fin)? like to hear

greetz from Holland
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