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Default Sunglasses for windsurfing

Hey guys,

I saw an ad of windsurfing sunglasses the other day, and I was wondering whether they're worth it. They look pretty big and tight, and they have a strap behind, so they're not supposed to fall down.

Sometimes I'd really like to have sunglasses on, 'cause the sun can be pretty bright, and I keep squinching. But I also fall from the board pretty often, so I think those sunglasses will be full of water, and I will have to adjust them to wipe my eyes every time.

Can anyone please share their experience of windsurfing in any eyewear?
Thanks in advance.
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Hi Wordmaster, standard sunglasses with a flexible plastic frame will do the job very well. Of course they will take water on but after a while you get used to it. A simple strap is not enough as you may loose everything during a catapult. It happened to me a few times and was not always fun as I'm a bit shortsighted. Now I'm adding a lash around my neck and to the strap. Occasionally I lost one lens when hitting the sail, but got both replaced for 30 bucks.
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I have always worn sunglasses and now prescription sunglasses. I have a strap around the back of my head and the strap runs through a tubular float about 1.5 cm in diameter. If I do lose the glasses, they will float.

I also wear a hat (or helmet) with a chin strap that goes over the glasses strap, which helps keep the glasses on in a fall.

Some will say that I look un-cool, but I am attempting to manage skin cancer and eye damage as best I can.
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Hi Wordmaster, i (and many other friends of mine) use seaspecs for more than 3 years and not any problem such as lost a lens, broke or lose. But after some time you need to clean the lens. I also see that oakley had one also but they stop production this year (may be because it is really expensive, and lack of demand) but the oakley one has a solution which glide the water from the lens (don't know if it works but i have a snow google from oakley and they produce first class lens, so i conclude that it will work) but the problem is will it worth the price difference

i try to add a video link but as its my first post starboard don't let me post the link, sorry
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yeah - i wear prescription glasses too
put a cord around the back o me head with a hangman's noose to allow adjustment
AND as Ken or someone said - ya donut wanna lose em
i use a fisherman's bopper and gets comments all the time
BUTT have not lost a pair YET
and yeah - they get wet and need cleaning = DUHH
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A bathing cap may improve your look greatly. Most of the time I use a very thin black one, kind of Lycra. Apart from protecting my skin it has two advantages: 1) no drag so it can't be twisted or torn by gusts, 2) almost unnoticeable as my remaining hair is black, so from the beach I even look ten years younger.
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Old 15th September 2011, 09:41 AM   #7
Del Carpenter
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My opthamologist told me that if I live long enough (most people do) I'll be thankful I protected the quality of my vision by wearing sunglasses whenever I'm in sunshine. If I squint at all when I'm outside I put on sunglasses. My Solar Shield sunglasses (about $20 US in a store like KMart) are large enough to be worn over my regular glasses and they wrap-around so they provide some side protection too. I tie a long loop of string to the bows and keep them attached by putting the top snap of the my life jacket through the loop.

When I get a new pair of regular glasses the old pair becomes the pair I wear on the water under sunglasses. So I'm not risking my most up-to-date glasses when I windsurf; I'm not paying the extra expense of prescription sunglasses; and the combination of Solar Shield sunglasses over my older glasses gives me protection & clear-enough vision.
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Old 15th September 2011, 12:30 PM   #8
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Hi Wordmaster,

I use glasses since 1986 to do windsurf and the best I find until now are this ones :


Don't tied them too much and they protect you from water in eyes + of course from the sun.

All the best

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A gath helmet with a tinted visor does a pretty good job too. Stops sunburn and a few head injuries too
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I use a type of sunglesses for watersports, produced by Tribord-Decathlon and sold cheap at about 30 euro, they have an integrated but amovable back neck strap and velcro adjustment. I suppose they are a copy from a famous Oakley model.
I find very important as with strong light I had in the past side effects, I think also because not drinking properly before windsurfing and so during some stops, so I started see all white and blinking. Now when there is sun I always wear sunglasses in windsurf sessions, and drink a lot before during and after. Imho
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