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Default RE: for Wilhelm

Hi Wilhelm,
first congratulation for your good resoults this seasons. It is very imresive how you can be as fast as heavier guys.
Do you still using same fins as you stated in this topic or do find evan some beter fin choise. Your expirience is great help for us lighter competitors. Please also mention the rake of your best choise fins.
Do you use biger sail from 10,7?

Thanks and Good luck in next races.
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Default RE: Formula 161 for light weight sailors (response for Menzzo)

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Default Racer

Hi racer,
I have been using 11.8 and 10.7 mostly, However, I tend to use the 11.8 from 7-12 max, after that I will go for the 10.7
About fins, I've been using deboichet and Kashy. On the Kashy I use %4 and on the deboichet rake 8.
regards and thanks,
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In the last 5 years I have had several Formula boards (mostly starboard). I like to measure my mastfoot setting by the distance between mastfoot and most forward finbolt. Last 4 years I had my best settings between 1.14cm and 1.16 cm.

I think that the triangle between center of gravity in the sail, the fin and the mastfoot is determinating the balance. For me the distance seems similar the last 5 years on 6 different boards. For me this works, if you like you can give it a go also.

Happy sailing.
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