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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Think you`ll find Davide there is only one laminate "layer" to the outside of the so called coremat sandwich nowadays... Last year I badly damaged a Quad on underside (no fault of board) and was surprised to find the coremat (higher density foam) in direct contact with EPS core ??? Could be wrong but I had a good look and could find no "inner" laminate; glass/carbon or whatever..
I am not so sure you know what you are talking about. Coremat is not a high density foam, it is a "bulker" and it is impregnated with resin during construction. This is contrary to high density foam, e.g. divinycell, that is not impregnated with resin. You do not necessarily need to use a sandwich using coremat because it can bind directly to eps foam. You typically need to use a sandwich when using high-density foam (or wood). If you use honeycomb the layers of fiber are an integral part of the panel, so you can save a bit more weight.

Note however that in principle you could use a single outside layer because the board is not hollow and would still have an overall structure fiber+high-density/coremat + eps + high-density/coremat + fiber. It all depends on what the board designer wants to achieve. Of course this highly simplify the layout of a board, and does not take into account extra layers, localized reinforcements, etc..

As a side comment: maybe you should do some research before making extravagant claims about supposed swindles perpetrated by manufacturers.
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Does that mean my (broken) kode is or isnt (actually was or wasnt) sandwich construction.?

I`d always (probably wrongly) assumed all fairly recent starboards were sandwich but from what you say and appearance of bits of my broken kode they arent ???

However;whichever way you wrap it (pardon the pun) there appears to be little carbon etc in my board !!!
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Anyway, I would like my boards to be reasonably heavier, in order to be materially more robust and durable. The average Starboard customer is not Björn Dunkerbeck and does not have the same needs. Suggestions for new marketing ideas : quality of construction, robustness and durability.
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Yes, strong boards, it don`t matter if the boards weight is superior to the boards today. My Carve 99 (D-Ram) from 2000 is still going strong and i have used it a lot.
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Default My observation .

From my observation , the JP slalom board is basicallly a full wood board . Not carbon as it
claim !!
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