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Default RE: Sail sizes + power

Hi o2bnme,
I too was a bit amazed at the Isonic 122.
I'm not sure if you were "sandbagging" on the one run where you were behind me going in towards the finish, but it seemed I was going pretty much as fast as you were on that particular run.
I think the wind was a little more than 20 knots, and I'm sure I would have been alot more comfortable on the Isonic 101 and the 4.8 m2 Hucker and probably a bit faster as well.
I needed a good bit more downhaul on the new 5.6 Hucker. Thanks for showing me yours as that is causing me to re evaluate how much downhaul the 5.6 can stand.
Your upper leech was starting to loosen up at least to the inside of the anti-flutter battens, I had less downhaul, so the leech on the new 5.6 was still pretty tight.
Again, this illustrates the tremendous tuning range of the Huckers I think.
Hopefully next time I'll have another Isonic 101 and will have had enough time with the new '07 5.6 Hucker to really draw out the full potential in both.
From what I saw, you were much faster than all the others in your races, but like me, you need to work on consistency, and getting through the jibes.
Running aground at the mark, if you came off a full plane, didn't hlp a bit,
Do you know how to put the photo that was taken with the 2 Huckers almost side by side in here?
That would be good to illustrate the difference in shape with adequate downhaul (your red/blue/white '06 Hucker) and (my red/yellow w streamer '07 Hucker).
Hope this helps,
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Default RE: Sail sizes + power

Any GPS speeds for boards mentioned ???
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