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Default RE: Hypersonic 105

To Jean-Marc.
Yes, I agree with you in all what you say:
But my main problem with the board is not the power I have to use, but to control the power. For example: I have to use maximal concentration to keep equilibration with the power on frontfoot versus rearfoot, and if I fail with that, the frontfoot flies out of the strap and from that second, it changes to dangerous conditions. As You have written before It´s possible to do a lot with the following parametrs:

-Downhaul: more
-boomheight: down
-mastfootpositioning: abit forward, but it can kill the "flying capacity"
-and the smallest fin possible to come up in planning condition
-Frontstrap more backwards
-Use a deep forward force sail like the Ezzy sails to get more power on the fronfoot

Ihave tried all of that. I think the Hypersonic is like the Swedish Plane, Jas grippen 39, very potent and with grat capacity, but with an desequilibrium built into its design, just to get its versatility (something for Mr. Drake).

In a swedish windsurfing forum You can see this idea to move the straps without making new holes in your board.
I hav done a similar construccion earlier with a Carve 99 to get the rearstrap in acentral position.

With regards,
John J.
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Default RE: Hypersonic 105


I'm not sure I understand you correctly : do you have problems about trimming the board to make it nice flying well- to over-powered (I might help you) or do you have problems about the hull design or position of footstraps plugs (I can't help) ?
Which HS do you have ?
What's your weight and size, mast-track and footstraps set-up as well as sail & fin quiver ?

Cheers !

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Default RE: Hypersonic 105

Hi Jean Marc.
I can handle the board to bee very rapid and sail i a nice manner, but the main problem can be that the hull is very "dominant" and difficult to manage. I mean that the foot goes out of the frontstrap when well powered up. I have tried everything. It´s better now, but stilll not as a I Want to.
My weigth: 86 kg 180 cm tall, prefere well powered conditions.
Board: HS133, no problem with my Carve 99 and Acid boards.
For the future Iwill only buy sails with typical forward, deep-draft profile. I think it gives more power at the frontfoot.
with regards,
John J.
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