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Do all starboard's suck at turning?
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"Suck at turning"....... compared to what?
Some boards are more "turny" than others, but you have to select board/sail/fin
combinations that were designed for waves and freestyle where the ability to turn
is of higher importance.
Slalom, free race, free ride boards do not turn as well, but the Starboard designs
in these categories turn about as well as other brands boards that fit these categories.
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It's rarely the board that sucks at turning, it's usually the sailor. When you are learning, every board sucks at turning.

When you are an intermediate, some suck, some don't.

When you are an expert, they all turn well, some better than others, but it all depends on what the board was designed for and the conditions in which it is being sailed, plus you have to factor in sail size, fin size, as well as wind and water conditions.

An 80 liter wave board will turn exceptionally well on a wave face in 20 knots of wind. However, it will really suck in flat water in 5 knots of wind.

No difference between Starboard and all other manufacturers.

However, you may find that there may be a half dozen boards from different manufacturers, all the same size and designed for the same purpose, but turn differently. There will be differences in how they all turn, but the sailor will just have to make subtle adjustments in their sailing/turning technique to master them all.
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