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Default Atomiq 110 sail fin and strap

What is the ideal footstrap position for the antomiq110 with 6.2 7.2 8.2 sqm?
88kg rider. Do these sizes work well on this board?
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Dude, those are perfect sizes for this board! I have my straps on the outside middle positions -75kg/175cm-but I'm sailing mine on flat water mostly. If you sail in rough water and have to chop hop constantly you may consider the inside 4 straps positions to prevent spinouts. I haven't used the 3 strap option but I got skunked recently and I tried small wave sailing out of curiosity -no planing/no straps WindSUP-wise with a small sail and fin and it was fun and a great workout-the flat wide deck gives you stability and lots of room to move
The board feels a bit sticky at times so moving the mastfoot back from center is recommended if you want to loosen it a bit at the cost of some upwind pointing -don't fear excessive noselifting-this board is a controll wonder!
Now the fin! I don't know what SB had in mind by supplying such an EXTREMELY soft/flexy fin-wave riding perhaps?!? It spinns out easily even with a 5.8! If you are going to use the outside footstraps you better get yourself a proper G10 fins like MFC LiquidPro. I use 40cm for my 7.5 and 36cm for 6.5 and 5.8 . For you I would suggest -42/38.
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After owning a 110 for the past year I have played around with various sail sizes, foot strap positions and fin combos. At 90kg the biggest sail I used on this board was a 7.8 and that felt pretty much as big as I would want to go, with this size I was using a 40cm select free slalom fin and thus worked fine. I have also used a 6.1m and with this size I found the standard fin quite acceptable.

As for foot strap position I started out using the inner holes but found these too inboard, I have now settled on the outer most holes but have utilised the offset on the standard foot straps so that they set 1/2" further inboard this is due to having biggish feet and so that my heels are still in contact with the pads. I generally only sail in flattish waters but if it was rougher or more of a novice I would definitely have them further inboard.

Tip-the further you move the straps outboard the bigger you will need your fin to be but you would probably not need any bigger than a 42
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Since the Atom was replacing a Firerace I didn't give the inside positions any thought at all-slapped the footstraps outside and forgot abot them. But now I'm starting to have a second thoughts I think the inside might be beneficial for my 360; Duck; Forward etc etc aspirations for this season and I should definitely give it a try! This board will see a lot more TOW then the 2012 Kode 86 I'm about to buy after all. Jem Hall does all those basic moves on a Firemove, so why shouldnt I?!
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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I think the inside might be beneficial for my 360
Which 360? Upwind or down? For upwind in the strap 360 the straps have to be inside enough so you can get your front foot over the center line while still in the strap. For downwind 360 it doesn't matter. Easy enough to to them with 4 straps or 3, one hand or 2. All the same.

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