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Default Ultrasonic, light wind sail choice - no cams, two-cams or freerace?

I know there have bee previous threads discussing similar but was hoping to discuss options for the Ultrasonic at planing threshold plus a bit, i.e. not overpowered conditions. So for me at 100kgs that would be around 14knts constant which we get a fair bit of (ok so maybe 12-14 if I was prepared to pump a bit more ). So if I wasn't worried about top end stability etc, ONLY planing would a light two-cam such as a Severne Turbo 9.2m or NP H2 have the better low end grunt then say an Overdrive 9.5m which has better stability when moving to overpowered conditions. I have a no-cam 10.0m but feel it doesn't quite have the bottom end grunt I'm looking for (my next size down is an Overdrive 8.6m, also have the tighter-leeched Raceboard 9.5m which probs isn't ideal for a wide board).

So wondering what are your collective thoughts? Cheers Mike

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The biggest difference with cams is getting thru' the lulls, so if you're at a gusty venue that will make a real difference. But I'd guess you'll need at least a metre more than the 8.6 to notice.
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Hi Mike, I have an Ultrasonic and use it with Severne Overdrive R4 9.5 which gets me going in around 9 knots of wind (for my 90kg) when using a SB aftermarket 58cm fin (all new US147's now come supplied with this fin). I have experimented with bigger sails (11m) and found very little difference with early planning (maybe 8 knots) even though I am physically fit I found the extra weight of the bigger rig to be cumbersome and give very little gain for the extra weight. I would stick with the 9.5 race board sail you have sell the 10m no cam sail and invest in a better fin.
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mark h
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The US147 is classed as a freerace board so will work nicely with the latest freerace twin/three cam sails, AKA Severn OD, point7 AK etc.

I remember Remi saying that if the PWA increased max board size to 95cm, the US147 was race ready, so it will also work nicely with full on race sails.

Full race sails have a big wind range, but come alive when powered to over powered, but as you are more concerned about low-end power and just planing in the lighter end of the scale, I would look at the overdrive 9.5m, after all, you already have the correct mast (490 as used on your OD 8.5).

The Severn OD is pretty much in the same class as the other sails you mention, IE NP H2 etc so if you like your OD 8.5 why not stay with them.

Like mcross says, I decent light wind fin will REALLY improve the feel/power in the light winds you mentioned. There are loads of well proven brands out there able to do the job. The OFO is 65cm, so up to around 62/63cm will feel fine in winds around 11/12 knots or less.
Cheers - Mark H

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since i use both longboards and FreeFormula - like the SB US, I would be VERY interested to know how the Raceboard 9.5 goes with the SB US - with a bigger fin if possible

i purchased a used JP SLW92 PRO, which i was able to afford
previously had a BIC Techno Formula - also FreeFormula
with both i have used a MauiSails TR-4 10.0 m2 slalom/race sail
find that with an adjustable outhaul - one has lotsa range and grunt/pull

in the 8.x size I use a TR-6 8.4 on the Mistral Equipe I longboard
have NOT tested it on the FreeFormula yet, but with the smaller Curtis slalom fin I purchased, I am sure it will be fine and fun

why not try what you have first ??
joe windsurfer @ 100 kg
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From this year, I'm sailing my Ultrasonic with a 9.3 SwitchBlade (LoftSails). It's a very light freeracer with 3 cams that works very well on it.
So also for me, after several years of using 4cam full race sails, I felt the desire for something lighter. I like it a lot, but I do feel the difference in the upper wind range. The full race sail remains more stable.
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