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Default North WARP mast misery

Just come back from Holiday in the Bay or Rosas in Spain. First day out I tore my calf muscle rigging up my North WARP 8.0, initially I couldn't even walk, however, after a suitable period of recovery (3 days) I was itching to get back on the water - assured my wife that my calf was OK and rigged up the 8.0 again, this time using my rig winch - got onto the water and decided not to sail too far out in case Calf not up to it - blasted out and gybed perfectly around the 300m buoy (limit for power boats to approach beach area) - massive bank and my North Platinum mast broke (snapped at the join between 2 sections). OK I know that these masts are prone to breaking, and I had a spare 460 North Gold. After a swim in, rigged up the sail with the spare mast, luckily the damage to the sail was just a 15 cm rip in the luff. Sailed out and gybed round the same buoy, and sailed back towards the beach about half way back, massive bang and the mast broke, this time 2 inches above the boom.

I have been using the sail for the past year with no problem, the gold mast was from ebay, but looked unused. Downhaul tension was at mid level. Was I just unlucky - it was suggested by north dealer in Spain that the 460 is too short to use with 8.0m, even though this is the recommended mast by north (the extension is pretty long though

I had no problem with my other North Platinum masts on my 7.0m or on my 9.0m - was I just unlucky with the 8.0?
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