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Default Isonic 2-board combo


I am thinking on a two-board slalom combo for amateur racing. I am an experienced sailor, 86Kg, 42 years of age. I will be new to SB, I always used Fanatic and F2, so I am not fully familiar with your range. I was thinking of either one of the following two options:

Option 1: IS 97 + IS 117
Option 2: IS 97 + IS 110

Bigger sail will be 8.6, I rarely do slalom in more than 30 knots, I also race Formula in light winds.

My questions:

1. Which option is better? My problem deciding is that, by the board specs, I would be choosing Option 1, but reading some posts from Remi it appears the 110 is outperforming larger boards (or not underperforming) even in light winds. I like smaller boards in general as I can get the same top speed with less sail and less fin, and drive the board with less need to apply brut force to control and jibe. So I am tempted by Option 2, but do not want to make a mistake.

2. Sails: I am tempted to buy non full race sails this season, to keep costs down and get more durability (hopefully). Either NP H2 or North RAM F13. How much am I reducing my performance doing this (I've used full on race sails only for 20 years, just wonder how far have the 2nd tier slalom sails went in performance as technology trickles down). Also, I am planning to skip one sail size, and buy just 3 sails (8.6; 7.0; 6.3 so no 7.8 size). Otherwise, I would get the full on racing rigs. If any of these is a bad idea, please let me know.

Thank you, your views will be most welcome.
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Makes sense to me that you go 7/6.2 with I97 and 8.6 on the I110. You would have 10 knots to 25+ covered. I would however stay clear of the freerace sails, esp the H2, You won't be happy having only 3 sails, you want the maximum wind range possible out of each size. I myself use only 7m/6.2 with I97, and have a big range covered, 13-25+.There are plenty of good race sails that are well priced eg Loft and Severne.....
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for racing i hear NP, Loft and Severne sails
why are MauiSails TR sails NOT in the discussion ??
Micah Buzanis is doing well with them as have others in the past...
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Can confirm the 97 + 110 combo. That's what I'll be using on the tour and also it's a great combo to cover 10-25 knots which is what I get at my home spot.

The 110 is perfectly suited for the 8.6 and the 97 I can use 7.8, 7.0, 6.3 nicely. I'm 82kg so around your weight.

3 sail combo should be fine also and don't be too put off by the 'non race sails'. I think all the brands are getting their non-race (but still kinda RACEY!) sails perfected these days. Aim for a 3-cam vs 2 like the Ram F13 or I just got my father a bunch of Point-7 AC-K's which are a 3-cam and they are almost as fast as the full blown race sail and easier to gybe, the only thing you lose compared to the race sails is a tiny bit of windrange at the top end simply because more cams = more stability and usually the race sails have been tested in more radical conditions.
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Hallo Sean,
previous IS 97 seemed be good almost only for the 7,0.can you explain,please,when you've planned to sail it both with the 7,8 and the 6,3?
If it's good for the 7,8 (I think you talk about a flat water/steady wind condition) why don't you go for the 117 instead of the 110?Isn't it better for 9,2-8,6 and still agreable for 7,8 gusty strong wind?
If you've tested both boards,would you please try to describe the different feeling (if any) and what has led you choose the 110?May I think at PWA rules/uses/spots or just at what is better for your weight/style?

Very very interested in your opinion.I'm almost same weight than you but comp just national level races.Never spent a season with no 107 (or 111) in my quiver...

Thank you
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Sean..? Have you spent some more timo on the new boards and be able to post some feedback?
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