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Default With or without daggerboard


Ive been windsurfing with rented gear at the sea normally ( without daggerboard ). Next summer ill spend a lot of time at my summer cottage by a big lake. So Ive desided to buy an own board. Id use it sometimes at the sea with good wind but most of the time at the lake. There is no waves and the wind is really light there, mainly <10 knots. Im comfortable with the windsurfing basics ( footstraps, harness ).

Should I buy a board with a daggerboard or not?

With the daggerboard I would probably buy Kode Tufskin. Without I would buy isonic 2011 model, because its cheap in my local store. If you have some better board ideas, please mention them in your answers.

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As an intermediate, I would suggest you that you stay away from the iSonic. First, they are pretty much fragile for a newbie and a Kode Tufskin would be much better WRT durability and ding resistance. Second, an iSonic is really a dedicated slalom board, something for high-end racing which is not user-friendly for a newbie WRT jibing, tacking, or footstrapping. Better look for an easy-going board.

Cheers !

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Pretty much agree with J-M here.
On the lake, in < 10 knots of wind, a board with more "glide" and a centerboard will allow you to sail more often
and further....more time on the water.
Staying upwind in < 10 knots of wind on a regular shortboard (not the Ultrasonic 147 or an older formula board with a huge sail/rig/fin) is not easy.
The center board takes care of this issue and will work better with smaller (< 7.5 m2) sails.
Depending on your weight a true longboard (Phantom) or a good transition board (Rio M or S)
will give you the most time and fun on the water at your lake in very light sub planning winds.
Hope this helps,
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In your situation I think only longboard best option. For Starboard rio you need little bit more wind to have fun. Centerboard 100%, much easier go upwind.

just type in youtube and you will see longboard in light winds.
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Have fun on water.
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Thanks for the answers. Sounds like the daggerboard is necessary. I have a feeling that Phantom 295 would be the best for me, but I would prefer Kode Tufskin, because it is smaller what makes it more convenient for me.

What are the main differences in these two boards? Which board would you suggest for me?

Thanks again, this would really help me out with my board choice. =)
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Longboards are made for gliding and also planing.So they glide under planing threshold at their best, the priace you pay is that they usually have a little higher threshold to start planing.
Kode Tufskin seems a board born to learn and then planing, it is mainly a planing shape, pheraphs much more lively when planing but imho more slow when under the planing threshold compared to a longboard.
Last a retractable daggerboard is something different and much more convenient than a center fin, imho, as you can change the board attitude from a gliding one to a planing one many times also whan windsurfing.
Imho (longboards and shortboards owner)
Nico from Venice Italy
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