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Default Phantom 295


Iīve got a few questions. I bought a Phantom 295 and my daggerboard is really stiff. I canīt even get it out of the board. I havenīt used silicone yet, but do you have any other ways of fixing it?
Tomorrow Iīm going to get the sail for the board. Iīm 15, 55 kg, 168 cm tall and I handle the windsurfing basics. Should I get a 6.5 or a 7.5 sail for light winds?

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Before you use silicone, try rubbing the lips of the gasket with a bar of soap (regular soap like you take a bath with).
Also rub the bar of soap on the sides and front/rear edges of the centerboard itself.
How light are the winds you are going to be sailing in.
A light mast in a 7.5 m2 will have you going faster more of the time, but if you are small and not
real strong, a light mast in the 6.5 m2 will get you going.
Depends of how light the winds are.
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