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Default Why not 5 fin boxes for Reactor?

For boards meant to be used in waves, changing between a thruster and a quad changes the characteristics of that same board remarkably, giving you flexibility according to the shape and power of a particular wave or even the type of surfing you feel like doing that day. I don't get why Starboard didn't do this.
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Antoine Lefebvre
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Hi Unregistered,

Agreed, changing a board from a quad to a thruster to a twin affects the performance and characteristics. We've tried adding boxes in our NuEvos, Quads, Kodes to convert them and it kinda works, yes, but it's not great.
Due to the different characteristics of each fin setup (a thruster will provide more lift than a quad for example but the quad will allow for quicker maneuverability), the board needs to be shaped in accordance to the fin setup... Rocker, rails, bottom shape, outline, position of the fins need to come together and compliment each other to give you an harmonious board that truly performs.

That being said, some conversions are easier than others... Quad and twin setup are fairly similar and the same goes for thruster and single fin... Not the case if you want to convert a twin into a thruster! I know, I've tried for more than a year.

So instead of making an OK board that you can use as a quad, thruster, twin and single, we prefer to make a better board that works with one setup. We do test our boards with other setups but so far, we haven't been able to find a convertible board that was good enough to beat our current boards. Although we've tried! Maybe for 2017?

Please note that adding an extra US box (required if you want to sail the Reactor as a thruster) will add between 200 and 250 grams to the board (US box + PVC/PU reinforcement box). Is this extra weight worth it? Especially this far back on the board where it will impact the performance of the board...

Antoine Lefebvre
Starboard Windsurfing
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