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Red face A windsurfer as a paddleboard first, windsurfer second?

(Note: I tried to register on forums and kept stating a field was blank when non where)

I am going to start paddle boarding with my gf and eventually upgrade to purchasing a sailing rig to learn windsurfing. After reading tomes of information, I feel a "WindSup" hybrid sacrifices way too much for later windsurfing, whereas a true windsurfer sacrifices much less for simple SUPing. True windsurfers tend to have adjustable center masts, planeing abilities, concave hulls, foot straps, and dagger boards. The prices for higher end Windsurfers (excluding carbon racers, etc) are about the same as a higher end SUP. Thus I figure why not do things in reverse and buy the best "average" performing Windsurfer (I don't want to go crazy fast anyhow) that happens to be better than average at paddle boarding (speed/cruising/stability), for the same amount of money! Hopefully this isn't all blasphemy .

I've seemed to conclude that the longer and higher volume wind surfers are probably my best option for stable and fast paddleboarding in the ocean (variable conditions in Malibu beach, California) and flat water lakes. I strongly worry that for my 175lbs/6ft height, narrow windsurf boards will be "tippy"/unstable when paddling (though I'm a dancer with good balance).The Fanatic and BIC Techno are the shortest and widest, with 205/220 volume. Does More Width or More Volume makes the board more stable at a stop? My guess is width. In other words, would that Kona at 220L and the Phantom 320 at 260L with only 28"/70cm of width be MORE stable than a BIC Techno with only 205L but 32in width? Would the shortness of less than 10ft make the boards poor paddle boards for speed/cruising?

I've "narrowed" it down to these so far by length. For paddle boarding, I feel the best speed will be had with a board over 11ft with width around 30in, nose rockered, maybe some concave, which none of these quiet fit. The Phantom 320 is 10.5ft with a lot of volume (260L!) and 28in wide; seems the closest to being a great paddle board while also being a great beginner windsurfer? The Big Hybrid OD (short) and Kona One (narrow) are also near the top of my list.

Appreciate any thoughts/guidance!

Fanatic Viper 85
220L | 14.2kg 31.30b | 285cmx85cm | 9.35ft x 33.46in

BIC Techno 293 OD DTT
205L| 13.0kg / 34.61lb | 293cmx79cm | 9.61ft x 31.95in | Deep Tuttle Finbox

Rio L
233L| 14.85kg / 32.73b | 300cmx85.5cm | 9.84ft x 33.66in | Tail: 67.5cm

BIC Hybrid OD
240L| 15.5kg / 34.17lb | 308cmx82cm | 10.10ft x 32.28in | Race 60-65 Fin

StarBoard Phantom 320:
260L| 15.7kg / 34.61lb | 320cmx71cm | 10.49ft x 27.95in

RRD Longrider:
180L | 14.2kg / 31.30lb | 340cmx70cm | 11.15ft x 27.6in

Kona ONE:
220L | 15.46kg 34.1lb | 350cmx70cm | 11.5ft x 27.6in

StarBoard Phantom 377:
263L| 13.1kg / 28.88lb | 377cmx67cm | 12.36ft x 26.378in

Paddleboard/windsurf hybrids for comparison:

StarBoard SUPer 12:
205L | ? weight | 370cmx82cm | 12.1ft x 32.28in | Tail: 42.6cm | Flat Vee

215L | 15kg / 33lbs | 350cmx82cm | 11.6ft x 32.5in
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