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Hi some one advice to me.
My Futura 111(2008 model) had small black spots on the Wood deck. Black spot coming is 1mm or so ,and Black spots area whitens. This area is Top of board ,
Front of back strap and mast area. I think this black spots is Mold ?
Sharpened it, and watched the surface of the wood ; after all seem to be mold.

Pls advice
Anyway Do I have to remove black spot ? then fillers?

I red this:

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Mold should not penetrate the wood. It needs air and moisture to grow and stay alive. If it is dead, it can be brushed off.

You probably have slight moisture penetration through small cracks in the wood which darkens the wood. Read the previous comments regarding what this means and what to do.
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Hi Ken
Thanks for your advice and I got it.
Probably the nose did a snap then crack I understand it .
(A snap and a crack then exfoliate).

but Back strap area did not get snap. This area crack is by foot step?.
There seems to be the place that Non-slip paint exfoliates from wood. then such area whitened.
I thinks it seems to have painted a directly non-slip in Wood?=>Make Light weight.
Non-slip paint + wood not so good combination? or Wood is too soft.

Anyway I will remove Non-slip paint from wood area. then remove back spots.
Finally, as for what I understood, the Wood version is beautiful and Light weight.
But After sailing, the maintenance is important. It is same as Seahorse Class Sailing-Dinghy. Technora is better for week end sailer(me).

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