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Smile What's your experience on the Quad Setups?

Hi everyone,

i recently updated my quiver with a 92 Quad for light wind wave riding. Coming from a Fanatic New Wave Twin with 84 liters i was pretty amazed by the quad. Comparing to what i sailed before, i found that the board gave me a lot of confidence, especially when putting it on rail and hitting the wave in critical sections.

Until now i only tried it in the "sideshore setting". Conditions with pretty upright waves and light wind. Lots of grip and drive. I had the back fins right in the middle of the box and i think i will put them further forward to get a bit more release next time

I already ordered a set of twin fins to use when its windy and nothing really to hit. See how that goes ...

I'm quite keen to to know what your experiences are with all those setups

- big fins in the front
- big fins in the back
- twin fin

Can't wait you read your comments


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Lightbulb Update

Hi Everyone!

I had some more days of sailing on my quad and I would like to share my experiences.

Twinser setup:

I was keen on trying the Quad 92 as a twinser, just to see how it would compare to the twisers I sailed before. As i could not get the original Starboard twin fins (16cm suggested) i decided to hook myself up with a set of Maui Ultra Fins (16.5cm) and give it a go. If you're concidering to go for this setup: don't!
I expected this setup to be faster and more suited for bump and jump, onshore kind of conditions. But the Board was planing a lot later and i had a hard time going upwind. The board of cause becomes super loose and the fins can be pushed away very easily. Maybe it would work better in powered up conditions with a playfull not to steep wave. Or the surface of the Starboard fins is bigger and the MUF was underfinned.

Onshore Setup (big fins in front):

I would highly recommend to try this to anyone who owns a quad! I used this setup in small onshore waves (up to 1m)
In a straight line the board feels kind of like a freestyleboard. Very lifely and exiting. It does not become slower though. So if you have to accelerate towards a ramp, no problem. If you place the back fins close to the front of the box, you get a lot of release but with a bit more control than in the twinser setup offers. The board also is very very easy to pop in case you like to throw a freestyle trick (spock, flaka etc.)
And of cause you can do really tight frontside turns and snappy cutbacks.

Hope you enjoyed reading (I'm sorry for any eventual grammar mistakes)

Aloha & goodbye
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