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Default Formula 167W

I bought a Formula 167Wide and it`s been very difficulty to hold the board on the water in medium and strong winds. The board is really flying and I can`t hold it down.
I`m using a powerful kashy fin, 70cm, a 10m sail. The mast track is in the middle and the boon at the level of the shoulder. My weight 85kg.

What can help?
Mast track, boom height. Change fin.....????

Remi, can you help me?


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I'm not Remi, but boom at shoulder height sounds low to me. Try at nose height, see what happens.

Next thing I'd try is to lock the sail with more downhaul.

Best regards,

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Yeah, the 167w is a pretty flighty board in strong winds... Also the chicken strap recess is not helping.


1) Keep your boom up higher, around nose to forehead height as chr mentioned. Dropping the boom reduces the forward pressure on the board which makes it harder to hold the nose down as it bounces around. FYI I run my boom above my head and never drop it, regardless of wind.

2) A Kashy 70 has the area of a Z-fin/Boss/Elk 72cm actually as they have quite a wide tip area. If you can, try to get a shorter fin 66-68 as the 167w (and 167 of last year) have an extremely powerful tail, and don't require very big fins to get lift. If you can't change fins, grind a little off the front/back side of the fin head then put the fin deeper in to the box about 5mm at the back of the fin. Like, do the back bolt up SUPER tight and try to pull the back of the fin in to the board. This will rake the fin less upright about 2cm at the tip. Raking a fin back gives the fin more geometric twist which helps depower the fin downwind...

3) Put the mast track RIGHT AT THE FRONT. Literally as far as you can push the thing forwards!

4) If you're still having trouble, you could try spreading your footstraps apart. Put the front straps at the front holes and the back straps at the back holes. This widens your stance a little and can help you control the pitch of your board better with your legs. Most of us run our highwind slalom boards this way as it makes it easier to stop flying away ...

If none of this helps... Go to the gym and benchpress 5 hours; sleep; repeat...
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I don't know what you have sailed before the 167W. But if you compare the positions of the mast track, foot straps, and the fin base on the 167W to e.g. the HWR or 162, you will see that they have made a lot of changes. The mast-track is further back while the fin-base has been moved forward. This means that one can/should use less fin rake and also put the mastbase further towards the front of the mast-track, to have something closer to what was used on the earlier FW boards. So one has to rethink the settings a little compared to earlier boards from Starboard.
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Chris, Sean and Krister,

Thanks a lot for the tips

I'll try

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