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Originally Posted by Carve View Post

I have the 2013 iSonic 110 that I ride with an Overdrive 8.6 and a NCX 7.0. I am dialed in on these set ups and they work superb. In addition to that I sail freestyle, typically with 5.2, 4.4 and 3.8 sails on my 92 liter freestyle.

The 8.6 on the 110 I use manly when it is to light for my freestyle. The 7.0 cuts way into my freestyle territory and gives me more options. Finding slalom so fun I am now after more options.

If I should ad one iSonic to the 110 that can work when the 110 gets to big and also work with a smaller Overdrive or NCX and the current 7.0, which should I choose? How small can I go and still have an overlap? And which size Overdrive or NCX?

My typical conditions will be flattish water with 20-30/35 knots of wind. I am 72kg. I like to set some good GPS speeds, go fast and I love to do high power full speed jibes.

I have ended up buying a 2013 Isonic 87 Wood and a 2013 Overdrive 6.2.

Any comments on trim, foot strap placement and so on? I will start using a Drake Ready to Race 34cm.
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