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Default Severne mast curves changing..

I read from unifibers mast selector that severne mast curves have changed last 2-3 years. More towards constant curve. From hard top.
Does this have any influence on the compatibility for 2014 sails on 2011-2012 mast?
I have severne enigmas and redline from 490- 400.



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The Unifibers mast selector table from 2014 is way off the mark on several counts. The Severne racing masts are still hard top, no question about it, just because the mast bend curves of my 2014 masts are fully backward compatible with all of my old Severne sails :

1) a 2014 SDM90 550 cm mast is 100% compatible and not different from my old 2011 broken Enigma 550 cm mast in a Reflex II 11.0 m2 sail;
2) a 2014 SDM90 490 cm mast is 100% compatible and not different from my 2012 Enigma 490 cm mast in a Reflex III 8.6 m2 sail;
3) a 2014 SDM90 460 cm mast is 100% compatible and not different from my 2011 Enigma 460 cm mast either in a Code Red 7.7 m2 sail or in a 2012 Gator 7.0 m2 sail.

When I set my sails with a North Platinium constant curve mast, they look very different and I can feel (and hear the noisy upper loosier leech) the very distinctive difference while sailing them on the water. I cannot feel a very distinctive difference between 2011 and 2012 Enigma or 2014 SDM90 masts while sailing on the water, except for a very slight gain in weight with the latter while holding/uphauling/pumping the sail.

Cheers !

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Thank you J-M. I appreciate your real world input, and good to know things are similar. I hope the same is true on the RDM side as well.
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Do not agree.

I've got all the SV masts from the past 3 years and there isn't a change in bends. There was a slight difference in stiffnesses over the past 3 years as in 2013 the Enigma masts were beefed up for extra strength which made them a touch stiffer in comparison to 2012, and now with the new manufacturer in 2014 you can feel (I believe, anyhow) a slight improvement in reflex which I've heard some people describe as the masts being softer.

But all are the same bend curves and all are backwards compatible.

FYI, I'm using quite a few SDM90's in my race sails as well as the SDM100's. The feeling is really similar on the water, the 100's are just lighter.
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