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Default RE: iSONIC 101 TOO BIG FOR 6.2M AND 73KG??

Recently I tried an iS111. Great board, I have to admit. It jumps on a plane easily, is plenty fast and, what is most, keeps a very high speed with incredible consistency. It seems it eats chop.
But my last session was on my S95, 6.3 MS TR-3 and 30 cm. SL2. NW winds with strong gusts (strong to the point that a fully downhauled MS TR-3 6.3 was feeling decisely big), and it was heavy SW the day before, so there was some residual swell from SW coming from the outside crossed to the wind swell from NW, plus the usual inner bay chop. I was having a quite uncomfortable ride, yet plenty fast. Now it seems to me that boards like the iS111 I tested can eat "usual" chop, but I am not quite sure about such a mess. Personally I was happy to be on a more classic, narrower design. Maybe I am wrong. By sure a Techtonics instead of the stock fin may help a lot. Or maybe moving the straps to the middle just slowed the ride a bit. And, by sure, if the "wide" (101 and up) iS line can really handle rough water better than the "narrow" ones (iS87/94/S85/95/100), then keeping the iS87/94 in the lineup was a mistake, apart from iS87 speed use.
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