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Default RE: 2008 Serenity

Hi Jay,

Sorry for my late reply. Here you go WRT your questions:

1) small 7.8 versus 8.2 sails. I did a quick drag race with my RS2 8.2 sail and compared that with a pal on his RX2 7.8 sail, both sailing the Sport Tech Serenity. Wind was very light. I've found the balance tippier with such a small sail, mainly because there was very low power in the hands. Compared to my 10.6 sail, I felt going downwind and jibing were more difficult with a small sail than with a big sail, main difficulty was being able to keep balance and not to fall with almost no power in the hands. Speed was a bit higher with RX2 7.8 sail + 70 cm fin +63 kg pal combo than my RS2 8.2 sail + 41 cm fin + 65 kg. Pointing was suprisingly similar.

2) 10.6 versus 7.3 sails : did a quick drag race between my 10.6 sail + 70 cm fin + woody Serenity against a cambered 7.3 sail + 70 cm fin + Sport Tech Serenity. Wind was around 1-3 knots with super flat and glassy water. No surprise, big sail rules : faster and better pointing upwind (due to better daggerfin's grip at higher speed probably).

In higher 5-7 knots wind, I tried to move fore or aft on the deck to check for speed difference. No wonder, when both feet were resting behind the carry handle, speed was a bit higher (nose higher with less wetted hull surface) and when resting in front of the carryhandle, speed was a bit lower (nose lower with more wetted hull surface; on some rare and extreme case, the nose did pearl and went submarine, lukily without any braking effect).

Same with different rolling angle : don't overdo it, it's slower when the foampad cover starts to dig into water, best attitude is slightly banking the leeward rail with water just touching the red stripe painting runing along the entire woody hull.

So far to me, a big sail is making such board fun and truly enjoyable in very light wind (1-7 knots). Didn't dare to test it with a small sail in higher wind, however, nor did I test the Glide 7.5 rig combo yet.

3) harness hook : correct, pull myself and twist at the last second (both hands on hull or hands on hull and mast).

4) 3 pals (range 63-98 kg) that tried the Serenity were all advanced to expert level so far. No intermediate or beginner level witnessed so far, sorry about that.

Here are my feelings about skills required for such a board :
Uphauling the sail : easy;
Tacking : easy (easier when oversheeting the sail just a sec before tacking; it's way lot harder to tack a shortboard BTW);
Sailing upwind, close and deep reaching : easy;
Sailing downwind and jibing : the board is becoming tippy and challenging to balance (this is my real concern for a beginner)...

Can you demo the board at your location by any chance ?

Cheers !

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Default RE: 2008 Serenity

JM, thanks for all that input, very helpufl.

It will also be intersting to hear your thoughts when you do get around to trying your 7.5 Glide vs 10. The supersized power plus small & light packaging of the glide may be the most user friendly of all as Roger suggested.

On transitional boards I've sailed, during tacking I frequently oversheet and that does make it easier. On those boards however, the foot of the sail often catches on the footstraps and/or CB knob - there will be no such problem with the Serenity!

I'm really glad you're having so much fun with your board. Thanks again for sharing all your experiences!

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Default RE: Serenity

Recently, on one of the Sports networks, I caught an overhead and side view of an America Cup racer. It looked ALOT like the Serenity.

Clark Robbins,
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Default RE: 2008 Serenity

With regard to your question will it be suitable for you, I suggest that you find some old Div2 board (Olympic Lechner) and try it. I don't know if there are any where you live, but ask in your local club or some older racers. With its barrel bottom I think it'll give you a good idea how a Serenity will feel.
While we're at it, I would like to see a retractable daggerboard (centerfin, whatever) in 2008 Serenity. Just like div2 boards, it would give them more performance downwind/gybing. Coupled with more modest length, and I might consider buying one.
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