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Default Evo 62 verses A68

I have been sailing an E70 for about 8 months after years of sailing trad waveboards and definitely think it has added a new dimension to my sailing both in onshore and cross shore conditions. However on the more extreme days (30 to 35 knots) this is a wide board to jump and control in the air gets sketchy. I admit part of this is lack of TOW but I still think that while the E70 is an easy board to sail around in these conditions they are often to messy and blown out for good waveriding. I figure that a smaller board may be a solution but which one. The A68 gets great reviews from the guys that sail it, seems to have more flow than the Siver A70 I had once. The E62 nice and small but I don't imagine that there are many out there and I imagine that resale may be difficult. There is wavesailing footage of the north coast of Tasmania on youtube under Nomadic Tasmania and footage of guys sailing A68s on the west coast under "Wavesailing at the edge of the world".None of the footage is of me but any feedback particularly about the E62 would be appreciated.I weigh 73 kg.
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Default RE: Evo 62 verses A68

I've sailed all the boards you mention and weight in the same league (just below 70kg).

First, the PA68 is very differnt fromt the 04 A70 (Siver model). For a start, its much narrower and feels like a smaller board. Then it has a faster rocker and just generally a differnt shape. Its has a very solid and stable carving sensation to it and on the way out you can rely in the fin and push it very hard that way. Definitely a board that likes speed.

The EVO 62 is volume wise clearly a smaller board still. That can make you suffer in some situations also when its windy (ie gusty conditions). But when it comes to get going and so on, the E62 does at least as well as the PA68. The E62 does not take as well to a riding style where you loed up the fin, but is on the other hand jsut so much smaller in dimensions that its a joy on nuclear stuff. It gets blown around a lot less, and this is definitely a revalation in these conditions.

So, the general riding sensation of the two boards are kind of differnt, but I would say they in the end are about as good in very windy conditions.

But what will be the real decider is what happens on a wave. After seeing the first video I was gonna say - EVO 62 clearly! It was a bit cross on and kind of mushy waves and you can see that most guys had a bit of a hard time getting vert enought to hit the lip nicely. This is where EVOs really help with their exceptional looseness in the turn.

Then I saw the second video and it that cross off stuff and with the more hollow waves speed wave a lot more crucial and you could see the guys had en easier time getting vert (when they dared). So this would be more PA68 territory.

But in the end, I would feel comfortable riding any of them both days and what will be the most important thing, I think, is what kind of style you aspire for in your turns. If you really want to go for the kind of vertical pocket style the E62 will be it. As I said, perfect on video1 days and it can handle the speedy section of video 2 also with maybe just a tad more "planning" of the lines you draw.

On the other hand, if you like to search for these high speed sections and maybe go a bit more shallow in the bottom turn to hit some big airs and go out on the flats and power turn and so on, the PA68 will fit you better. It will still be a smaller board than the E70. As I said, it will (as you saw in the clip too) do good in video 2 conditions, but it can do tight turns on vid 1 days too with some refined technique.

Another aspect to consider it that hile the EVos do carve a very secure and turn and have good grip, it still give a slightly more "undefined" feedback in a bottom turn. The PA 68 will on the otherh hand be as sharp as a board gets in these situations and you will really feel the board carving under you. If you long for this direct feel, you should lean towards the PA68.

A final consideration would be resale value, PA68 is a bigger board and hence generally easier to sell. But on the other hand, the E62 will be less common on the second hand market and IF you just find a sailor for it it can actually be worth more. After all, you will primarily get the board to sail on, not to sell, so I would not let the resale thing influence me to much.

Hope this helps a bit. Feel free to ask again if you have more questions. BTW, personally I would choose an E62, but the point of the discussion is that this indeed is a personaly choice more than a matter of the conditions involved. Your mileage may vary, as they say.
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