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Thanks Roger!

My next size up from the 6.6 Hucker will be my 8.0 Retro, and i will use them on my JP X-cite Ride 145 and Fanatic Hawks 123 and 108.

The nice thing about the Hucker 6.6 will be that I will be able to go out on a relatively small sail more often than before. The 8.0 Retro and the 6.6 Hucker will be my most used sails. I also have the 5.6 Hucker and I have just ordered the 4.8 Hucker.

I have quiver of masts that I look forward to test them with: 430, 460 and 490 Speedsticks and the older 460 and 490 Sailworks XR masts.

I have sailed the 5.6 Hucker a few times since I bought it, both with the Speedstick 430 and Speedstick 460. My first impressions are that the 5.6 Hucker feels even more stable and powerful with the Speedstick 460 than with the Speedstick 430, so I prefer the longer mast sofar (I weigh 78 kg).

Do You have any guess about how the Huckers will behave with the XR masts?

Could it be worth trying the Hucker 6.6 with at 490 mast?


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