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I would still characterize the "step-tail longboards", one of them being the KONA, as a medium sized revolution. The long raceboards have evolved from subplaning longboards and perform very well in light winds. However, their performance and manouverability in strong winds are not as good. The KONA on the other hand originates from a shortboard. In fact, the KONA scoop-rocker line originates with one of the first really good semi-wide course race boards (AHD 310).
The KONA is sailed in a straight line like a 140 liter freeride, and it jibes very similarly as well. It is an additional bonus that the KONA works in light winds, in suplaning conditions.

What I am trying to say is that the KONA is VERY far removed from the original longboards, and is much more related (planing performance) to modern 140 liter shortboards!

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It is an additional bonus that the KONA works in light winds, in suplaning conditions.
What I am trying to say is that the KONA is VERY far removed from the original longboards, and is much more related (planing performance) to modern 140 liter shortboards!
I'm trying to get my hands on a Kona to see if it also caters for longboard type of freestyling, as in: http://broadbandsports.com/user/8483

I suspect it does, yet another bonus. Would like to do a full compare, more on that soon I hope if I can find one, preferably Kona-sponsored in case I break something ;-)
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Old 16th September 2007, 08:43 PM   #43
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Thumbs up Why I love longboards

Yes longboards are very cool. I remember the first time foots straps on longboards hit the stores. I still have a delaminated F2 lightning under the house and cant seem to throw it out. So many good memories. I like the sound of this new website 'Longboard Windsurfing'
I will be keen to see if there is a revival.

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Old 22nd October 2008, 08:41 PM   #44
Aussie John
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Red face

Well the revival is now a reality! This post sums up what alot of people are thinking, proving that alot of manufacturers over the years were wrong in there board manufacturing lineup and have damaged windsurfing. I am so happy longboards are back and I can't wait to get my feet on a new one. Well done Starboard, Exocet, Mistral and the LBWS Journal.

Happy Days

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Old 23rd October 2008, 12:06 AM   #45
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Wink Short and wide

It is short wide boards that are the most enjoyable boards for most people in most conditions.

In my opinion short wide boards have revolutionised windsurfing and have made the sport easier to learn and have fun.

Starboard have been the leaders in that revolution and deserve out thanks.
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Old 24th October 2008, 12:22 AM   #46
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I have been following the longboard thing for a year now and thinking of getting back into racing again.
now the following is all my opinion about whats hot what is not and maybe just maybe : what will be.
Right now there seems to be three forces at play. Formula at one end, longboard at the other and the "weak" hybrid in the middle.
Lets start with the Hybrid:
IMHO its on the way out, and this includes the RSX .
Why?? well here is a big reason, Starboard has for all intents dropped their line, no doubt after much deliberation . When the biggest Board Co. does that : its NO small move , its is a big thing!! The only contrary notion to this argument is that hybrid ( Bic) is Olympic and a big feeder in france is the Bic hybrid (and dont put france on the back burner, that is a sailing country!!)
To add the RSX is a dog, many racers ( steve bodner for example , tried it for an olympic bid then sold ...fast ( and I almost bought his used setup)
Its slower then a longboard in light airs and slower then a formula in medium heavy.
Its got the tough job of being the middle.
Its tactical yes, that its only strong point , BUT so is a longboard at all windspeeds.
If it loses to a formula setup in the Olympics , send you flowers to the Hybrid funeral.
Which brings me to Formula.
I would say formula was going to wane a bit , except for the starboard push.
Board durability, big masts and sails with resultant big money is finding middle of the road adherents giving up and getting back into the longboard or not trying it at all. Now this is not just me saying this, this is the word on the street in the US midwest. A place where a longboard revival going on.
People looking for a durable OD class will pass it by.
If it gets it olympic due, it will get bigger. But for many which some former racers,trying to race agiainst longboards in open reagattas, they are too tired of sitting on the beach .And the costs are just too extreme.

Which brings me back to the longboard.
Longboard revival:the fact people are talking is a big deal. It appeals many, the beginner , and the person who wants strict One design racing without the costs ie: kona.
appeal is there for the all out racer with the 380 designs.
Sail manufacturers are jumpiong on the longboard sails bandwagon , thats a biggie too.

So i would say in my opinion the longboard is stronger and getting stronger.
Hybrid well sorry, the writing is on the wall, people are out to get it , and well other then the olympics its "just dont fit" .
Formula will always have its adherents , albeit a specailized group, and it could fly higher with olympic tenure.

But the big winnner is the longboard.
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Old 25th October 2008, 05:38 AM   #47
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Default hafid petitioner

THE biggest stumbling block is the ability or otherwise of cobra to build boards with daggerboards down to weight and straight. So far it has yet to be proven.

Is it time to get rid of the "production" board ony rule for raceboard?
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Old 25th October 2008, 03:25 PM   #48
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Back to the good old Van Den Berg Raceboards .

Super light , virtuel industructable , perfect shape and everything worked on this board .

A 15 year old model is the father of the Phantom Race unfortunatly one of the "wide point in the back " inferior ones .

If you don't know the first rules about hydrodynamics don't shape raceboards .

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Old 25th October 2008, 09:20 PM   #49
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Longboarding in nonplaning conditions is a state of mind. Some people like it, some don't. Nonplaning longboarding was the entirety of windsurfing for awhile, and managed to be very popular! Those people were not ignorant savages waiting for the arrival of planing windsurfing...they just tried a longboard and loved the experience.

I have a longboard (a Superlight) and would like a Go as well (as a forgiving nonplaning freestyle platform). Today however I'm off to spend some quality time with my 77 liter hotrod.

Here is another Caesar freestyle video (I shot this last November):
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Old 28th October 2008, 04:55 PM   #50
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Hi All,

Star-Board will introduce next year a complete new Phantom Race with a new construction. The new shape give you a better and more consistent speed up wind with the dagger board. The deck is totally new with something never see before to help you to get on the rail quickly but also to have power in super light wind when you are not on the rail. So up wind the new shape make great improvement in all condition.
Reaching & downwind the new one get a quicker planning and get a better top end speed with more control. Jibe is more smooth and you keep your speed during all the jibe.

All the best

Kombat 86 with S1 5,3
iSonic 86, 111, 133 with Code Red from 5,6 to 10m
Formula Experience 160 with Overdrive 11m
Formula Windsurfing One Design with 11m
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