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Default RE: the bigger ones

? i would rather rip up my hands sailing than rip up my hands uphauling... lol you should see them after two days ago... wat a sesh, but yah... uphauling isn't a problem, if you read above, I just don't like doin it... Iand its hard to waterstart ah nvm, tks for your opinion jjay, just wondering if their were any tips to make things easier and more effient (less time getting going, more time sailing...), but I see some people don't welcome these questions...

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Default RE: the bigger ones

Really, it about the physics about what's going on. There are some techniques that allow us the opportunity to focus on one thing or another about our dilemma, but what everything comes down to is the basics - properly presenting yourself to the wind. Transferring the clue to the proper tack, or freeing it from the water, is learned through experience, but more importately, what tends to work best for you. There are complicating issues, such are opposing tidal influences, so everything isn't always that simple. Sometimes I think that local opinions from other windsurfers can be the most useful in many circumstances. Don't be afraid to ask at your local spot. Except in the most urban and esoteric spots, most folks would be happy to offer their advice.

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Default RE: the bigger ones

Hi Thomas,
I hope your "some people don't welcome these questions... " wasn't directed at me.
I see several things that could be considered under "just wondering if their were any tips to make things easier and more effient (less time getting going, more time sailing...), " that you seem to be doing that are firly typical of a young sailor with about your experience, who's pretty mch teaching himself using the "school of hard knocks" methodology.
If you had learned to uphaul in the "most efficient way" and learned to use the "crossover" technique to control your rig in higher winds (vs standing there holding the uphaul with the rig flying around) then uphauling would not be hard on your hands.
If you had purchased a 75-80% or 100% carbon mast, you would have been uphauling a rig that's probably (due to the leverage involved) 10-15 lbs. lighter. Much easier to uphaul and control.
If you had learned how to properly "alighn" your board "across the wind" prior to uphauling, you would not end up heading off down wind.
If you "balance the rig" on the mast foot, and get the correct alignment, uphauling is nearly always faster and more efficient that waterstarting.
It osunhds like you aren't committing your weight to the harness.
If you let the harness do all the work, your hands wouldn't be getting "beat up" while you are sailing.
Do you often practice "playing the piano" with your fingers on the top of the boom while sailing? If not, give it a try.
A "death grip" on the boom is very hard on the hands. We all do it, some of the time. The trick is to only do it when it's totally necessary (like carving into a jibe and getting ready to flip your sail).
Everyone here wants you to succeed, I can assure you of that.
But we all have different little "quirks" and tricks that we use and this develops into our "style".
Most of the posters here are only trying to give you the ideas that they think will work for you as these same ideas have worked for them.
Hope this helps,
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Default RE: the bigger ones

I'm old enough I don't care whether using an Easy-Uphaul makes me look less strong. It saves my strength for the better parts of windsurfing. For a substitute try adding one rope at about the mid-point of your uphaul that is long enough to reach to about the bottom of your uphaul and has a loop at its end that fits your harness hook. Experiment with the length of the rope and where it attaches. But an Easy-Uphaul will be better.
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Default RE: the bigger ones

no, definatly not. you help me a lot. and a lot of other people do to...

uphauling, I might have to just wait longer and let the sail settle down first... That might help. but are you trying to say that uphauling is lift the sail a bit and let the sail rotate down wind before uphauling?

As for the harness, I do commit 100% but have only just figured that out. I found when I got going faster, I was scared, so the death grip got my arms puling in on the boom, which wasn't good at all. Now I pretty much trust my weight to hold the sail and have figured out proper harness line position (so I can sail with no hands when the conditions are flat ). But I have found also, putting your thumb ontop of the boom helps too.

But my hands are beat up because of first struggling to either uphaul and the uphaul "slipping" or because in the lulls, I was pumping to try and figure out the whole technique and experimenting.

Also, last sesh I was learning or trying to learn how to jump, and felt that I would unhook for a bit free-er movment while learning and since I was a bit overpowered (I was on 5.8 and others were on 5.2's etc).

Question though: When jumping in chop, do you bare down wind a bit, than gain momentum and carve or turn upwind to hit the chop with maximum speed? I am trying to get all the extra boosts I can get with my Go 139 and trying to get it out of the water

And I wasn't commenting on any other poster either, I was just a bit shocked at Jjays reply. Sorry if it caused any confusion. the sarcasm kinda hit me wrong maybe. The whole "windsurfing isn't a video game" and "So, all the fuss about uphauling handkercheif size sails in medium winds seems like someone should say,,,, get tough!" kinda got me a bit worried that people were getting the wrong impression about my questions and treating me like a kid who doesn't work hard and is a "complainer" and wants everything to come to them. To anyone who thinks that, I just want to get better, faster since we don't have ideal wind all the time here.

Thanks for the replies, it does seem a bit stupid to be asking about uphauling techniques...

and roger, I am going windsurfing tomorrow and should be (and will rig) to be fully powered to overpowered. My friend is or will be there too and he has a camera (hes a pro photographer) and so we take turns shooting each other. He is a very good sailor and I compare his stance to mine. It is one of the reasons that I have improved so much (other than asking a billion questions on this forum). This is after all my first season

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