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Default RE: all this buzz of s types

yah I am sure I want something to replace my go. A lot of local sailors have suddenly started giving me ideas so I am swamped. The reason I found out about the hypersonic was I sailed it two days ago with a 7.6 and it planes very fast, is really fun and is incredibly fast I can also get one in the 111 L range for around 800. If I sold my go, I would hope to get maybe 1000-1100 and the rest of the money can go towards a nice 90-100 L board.

I have been thinking a lot, and I like the idea of what I said above. That would give me the option of when the conditions are flat or in light winds, I can speed sail with the hypersonic, and when conditions are heavyer and choppier or I just want more manueverablility, I can get the 90-100 L board. Just trying to figure out for bump and jump what board. An s type 93, a kombat 95, a carve 99, etc.

Sorry for the confusion... You are right steveC I have been all over the map with what I want. I have spent a lot of time (since I am now off school) thinking of boards, reading reviews etc.

The hypersonic 111 from 04 and the kombat 95 from 05-07 or the s type 93. Here in ottawa, canada, we get a lot of mixed conditions. If it is southern winds, we get flatter conditions great for speed sailing. If we get north conditions its very choppy.

What does everyone think? is the s type good or not. Some people say its great, others say its only good in ideal winds.


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