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Default what was your worst season?

- cracked rib (3 days off the water, who cares)
- dislocated knee (almost 4 weeks of the water, ), okay WF8, 6.1 and still hitting strong, a bit stupid...
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currently this one!
Not that the winds are bad, on the contrairy, 2007 has been remarkably windy in the north. But personally it sucked: too much pressure from exams and such to go to my local spot when the winds were blowing over 5BFT. Bought a second hand board but was not able to use it on my local spot because whenever i was there the wind never blew over 14 knots and for the 113 L board i need more considering my weight. I had to wait till summer in Sicily to try it out. On the island itself i waited three days for winds to blow on a spot which was said to be good, no such luck (i had a lake garda flashback from last year!) but i did find the winds somewhere else on the island which gave me two days of blasting fun. Next i wait another week because parents want to move inland, i get back to the sea, promised to go surfing, they actually drive by the three indicated spots which lie on the same line, we actually see windsurfer going nuts on the water, and because of bad indications we end up on the boat back to mainland Italy where we drive by another 2 spots, same story, and end up on some shitass beach with shitass music and where my arse blew stronger winds then mother nature herself.
Did i mention my dad wrecked two fins, one of which was my slalom fin which i use on small sails (read in good condition) so now i need to freeride/slalom with a crossover fin.
i think i can just about count the amount of good plannings i did this year on my fingers and toes and i can only hope for more luck when i go to Lac Leucate end of September.
Haiko, AKA crazychemical
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Default northern ontario lake levels

bad year where i sail in Canada Lake superior ( that big lake looks like a dogs snout) is the lowest its been in 100 years...
even my smallest fin 10 inches is too long for carefree sailing. i say carefree as i have been pithcpoled more this year then the last 10 combined. one is always sailing with the idea that a crash may happen at any time and pitchpoling into rocks isnt a great thing i have pretzels one boom and torn a luff sleeve already .
forget formula sailing on lake superior unless you like jumoping off piers into freezing water or are inland at a deep lake, but launch spots inland up here arent all that great and like most inland lakes depends on the wind direction...
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