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Default RE: Thank you

Roger: Thank you! for the advice, I will try shortening my lines next time out and let you know....John Stemler............
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Default RE: Help Harness lines

Hi Guest,
Thinking this through a little further, what type of harness (waist or seat) are you using, how big is your chop, and what size/type board and rig are you using.
This may also be partially a "too much use of the arms" issue or some sort of stance issue.
If you have your lines too short, and don't have your arms fully extended, then the primary issue is that you are still "using your arms to take the pull" of the rig. Try to lean back more, get your arms fully extended (maybe even with your shoulders "rolled in" some) so that you cantilever your weight as far from the rig as possible.
Combine this with allowing the board to rise and fall over the chop, with your legs acting as shock absorbers (think of mogul skiing here)
there will be a constant and steady pressure on the harness lines and hook so you should have no inadvertent "hook popping out" incidents.
Also is the type of harness you are using and the stance you are using do not match the board and the conditions, you could be "standing up" a little too tall and keeping your body in a little closer to the rig than necessary. This would reduce the harness line pressure and put a little too much weight on the back of the board, which may cause the board to bounce over the chop more than normal.
Steady mast foot pressure and learning to "suspend" your entire body weight off the harness; harness hook; and rig will keep you hooked in, through the chop. When you achieve this, all the drive of the rig goes into the mast foot, and you are providing the couner balancing forces to keep the rig driving through the mast foot.
Hope this helps,
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Smile Problem solved

I took the Dakine roller hook and bent the end down about 30 degrees.First I took off the plastic roller as not to melt it than I used a blow torch for about 20 seconds on the end of the protruding metal. With the angle the roller never pops out.........
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Default Excellent idea to bend hook

I wonder why Dakine doe not do that from the factory? Makes more sense to me seeing that a regular hook is bent........
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