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Default RE: Nonskid Repair on wood deck

Hi Jay,
That would be a good question to fire off to Eva (The board Lady) Holiman.
I'm not sure.
I think the idea is to thin out the UV Stab. Polyurethane Varnish (or resin if you prefer) and it probably doesn't need to be a 2 part. That's just what cobra is using.
Did you put the sand on with a flour sifter, or just sprinkle it?
I think a flour sifter may be critical to getting the density of the acrylic dust right.
Put on the PU pretty thin, then sfit some acrylic dust on from about 1' above.
If you are doing a patch,, just put the PU in the area where you want it to stick, and sift away. The excess in dust in the surrounding area can be swept off with a whisk broom after the PE set up.
Try rolling it if you like, but I thnk I'd only roll the PU varnish then sift the texture on.
Get a piece of thin pine, prepare a little area the same as what you've put on your board so far, then experiment.
Hope this helps,
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Default RE: Nonskid Repair on wood deck

Hi Roger,

Thanks for the additional info.

To put on the sand, I made a sifter from a small glass jar covered with a piece of nylong stocking rubber-banded over the opening. I read that tip in an article I found online from Boards magazine. It produced a nice controllable and even delivery. Only downside - I felt a bit odd buying the nylon stockings at the local supermarket, particularly when the clerk at checkout asked if I had found everything I was looking for!

Well, the bad news is that I contacted Fiberglass Supply today and they no longer carry the acrylic dust. They said the manufacturer stopped making it. I did a liitle searching and think it was made by Fiberglass Hawaii. I've emailed them but I bet they'll say the same thing. I'm currently investigating alternatives from System Three, Awlgrip, and Interlux which are sold for use on boats. Not sure yet how comparable they are or if they will work in this application. These products do say to apply a top coat after sifting onto the base coat.

On a related note - the System Three polyurethanes look quite interesting - they actually dilute with water and can be used indoors since they give off low fumes compared with other products. They can also be used with a cross-linker and from what I read they're great products. The clear cooat PU is available in either gloss or matt finish and are UV stabilized. Their clear matt PU may be a winner since it could be feathered into and blend in nicely with the rest of the wood deck finish, making the repair less visible.

Thanks again, Roger.

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