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Ian explanation is very helpfull and I think it's very hard to find better words to say what he states.
I'd like to say some more:
one of Isonics plus is that they bring in slalom what Starboard formula did in its program.The easyness of performance for a social and multicultural use.Both pro sailor and week end people will love the high standard level of performance at relatively low cost of energy.From this point to ahead things get a bit difficult and the gap between pro and w.e. people becomes deeper but still pro sailor will be able to keep out the max also when not motorred by the best size board or trim and w.e. raiders will love the big window of performance of any size.But if they're in trouble probably they'll be in the same situation with any board of any other brand....
So as Ias said earlier for similar condition,maybe,different boards!
In the beginning of 2007 I had to choose my slalom one and was scared about numbers but when finally choosen the 111 I started to sail with in any situation and i can say that if you're enough trained you can go really fast also in 30 kns and 7,8! -as probably many people can do in 101 and 6,8 or 94 and 6,0-
But the question is:what do you really need?
A slalom board for slalom competition or for fast free sailing?Are you familiar with lot of jibes when use it or do you prefer beam reach for couple of miles?Do you use to sail flat or rough water?Do you sail alone or with other people with your same purpose.How do you trim your sails?How many fins are in your quiver?How many times in a week you go sailing slalom?
I think that nobody from starboard can answer to that for you but they tried to make it easy presenting a full house range where any size is not so far from other and,if people is not stupid making a very wrong choice,everybody will be pay back from a big amount of quality peformance by any isonic.

P.S. my 111 is calm but damn fast!!!! Please ask to many f2 riders!
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