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Originally Posted by van View Post
Hi Namreh

As you are one of the first to get your hands on the new Futura can youy please tell us the advantageas and disadvantages between the two.
In belgium/the netherlands we haven't had "surfable" wind in the weekend for some weeks...

I'm a normal, s-type recreational gps-windsurfer (I had the s-type 115 2005-2006-2007) and the main advantages for me:

some cm's longer and wider -> faster planning
wider tail -> longer fin and bigger sails possible

I always already using a 7.5mē sail and 40cm fin on the s-type 115, but it was not recommended by star-board. Now everything is recommended... :-)

1 main disadvantage already discovered! I found the stockfin from 2007 very good and I was happy to knwo that it was nog changed for 2008, but now it's covered by a blue paint. I think it's for marketing and sales purpose, but I will recommend every friend the 2007 fin instead of the heavier 2008-fin with some blue "make-up" on it.
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Originally Posted by Ian Fox View Post
Hi Tony (and many others who have participated in this extensive discussion ...)

On the original question ~ and commenting as nudged by a couple of viewers..

TC : You state in your new marketing material that the new Futura will be quicker and more manoeuvrable than the ST. Does this only apply to the larger boards - looking at the 93 ?
IF : No, this applies to the smaller boards (FU101/ FU93) as well.

TC : I would have thought the ST93 would be quicker when fully powered than the Futura as the ST93 is narrower in the tail, slimmer outline, less V and in other respects is the same - rocker profile etc.
IF : FU93 and ST93 are similar in overview but significantly different in detail; Compared to ST93, FU93 draws significantly on established iSonic principles of higher aspect ratio plan shape (more efficient l/d ratio - and thus potentially faster ), a much thinner deck area (nearly 2 cm thinner at mast track (adds to hi wind/hi speed control), tail cutouts (more top speed), a concave V bottom shape ahead of the planing flat (compared to flat V ST) and (significantly) FU93 uses the Double Flat concept rockerline (significant tail kick in FU (extra top end speed plus top end control and manoeuvrability) c/w dead flat in ST.

... Not exactly the "same in other respects" and certainly not in "rocker profile"...

Traditionally some of these changes (wider overall, wider tail, tail kick) might have been considered as contributors towards a generally "slower" design at a given size (range/volume, etc) either directly, or as a result of reduced control, which in turn lowered the overall performance. However in the current range of contemporary designs, delivered in carefully measured doses these factors (wider overall, wider tail, tail kick) can be shown to clearly demonstrate a performance / range advantage and (maybe strangely, by traditional thinking or benchmarks) even with improved control or rideability.

ST93 is far from obsolete and remains proof positive of a well refined concept. FU93 challenges recent conventional thinking/development and while not delivering a quantum knockout advantage over ST93, FU93 certainly redefines the previous benchmark/s in this area - and in a market more currently focussed on speed and range, but reluctant to accept compromise on handling or manoeuvrability, these are worthwhile gains to many owners.

Impossible Engineering ? Maybe. Try it.

Cheers ~ Ian
Hi Ian,
Interesting these discussions about ST93 and FU93...
I bought 2 weeks ago a new FU93 model 2008. Wenn upc brought it i saw that the specs where 240x59,5 tailwidth 37,9!!?? Just like the ST93!! It seems like a ST93 with Futura print... What do you say about that? Btw serialnr st08fu9307100005..
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