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Old 27th August 2007, 07:48 PM   #1
mark h
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Default iS50

Hi Ian

I'm getting my kit ready for the "Autum gales". The changes on the iS76 upwards are nice and clear in the discriptions, but I noticed that theres no discription on the 08 iS50. Is there any difference in the 08 & 07 models or have you retained the same shape? Been offered an 07 model and I'm tempted but would like to know if theres any real difference.

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I'm also interested in the fotstrap position, has this changed to enable a more narrow stance for lightweights?

I was out yesterday with a 6.7 code red (and 28 cm fin) and I'm finally starting to get a hang on how to ride the board. It is indeed very effective once driven hard of the fin and I have been much to careful before, riding it more like a small waveboard probably due to habit from the Evo. Even in marginal conditions it is very fast and with such a small wetted surface (when up to speed) it just keeps going.
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Ian Fox
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Hi Mark and Krister,

The 2008 iS50 shares the same shape as the 2007 board.
(BTW that is despite a range of evolution protos, each of which delivers some improvement in singular areas but lowers the overall versatility of the current design)

The strap pitch was reduced by 25mm and pads by 50mm about half way thru 2007 production (the original wider stance was not the original selected proto pitch). So "late 2007" and 2008 should share the same "reduced" stance from the original 2007 production.

Depending on rider style/size/technique the pitch may (or not) be a specific problem; what we found is shorter, lighter riders (and some older riders who grew up on super narrow stance needles) who were really trying to "project" (extend) their weight as far outboard as possible were preferring the narrow stance, but heavier and more powerful sailing style riders had a higher degree of control/leverage over the board with a slightly wider (than traditional ultra narrow speed board) stance.

Hope this helps resolve it - please let us know if you need more info etc.

Cheers ~ Ian

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New Member
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Default is50


Is there a way to determine if you have a late 2007 board or not, serialnumber or anything similar?

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It's good to hear that small details such as 25mm pitch are being looked at. It's the small things that make a difference and it shows how much care and attention is put into the kit we use.

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Old 1st September 2007, 03:42 PM   #6
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For Tjabo, I don't know the serialnumbers but it is quite easy to check visually as on the later model the inserts are quite close to the edge of the pad. One can also measure the minimum screw-to-screw distance, it is approximately 35 and 33 cm, for the early and late model respectively (went to my local dealer and compared my board to theirs). With the rear strap in the center position, this means a distance of about 37.5 and 35.5 cm
So not a big difference really, I was actually thinking of a really reduced distance. I'm making a few adapters today and hope to try it out tomorrow...
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Old 2nd September 2007, 08:42 PM   #7
Speed Demon
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I am one of the "older" guys that Ian is referring to above. :-)
I am also smaller than the average speed sailor at 177cm and 75kg.
I made up some stainless steel plates to move the downwind strap back 50mm on my early model IS50 and it is much more comfortable and efficient for me.

Pics here of adapters:

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Old 2nd September 2007, 11:07 PM   #8
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Yes, I have seen those pictures before and I now finally copied that, but added one more hole, so up to 7.5 cm further back. Works great, I ran it today with both sides at 7.5 cm (since we tend speed in both directions at my local spot), this gives a strap to strap distance of about 31cm (with the rear strap in the center). Balance is a lot better and thereby it is actually easier to deal with chop. Upwind it is a little bit different (front leg bent) but not a problem.
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