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On my local beach there are a lot of sharp rocks underneath. I got small cuts almost every weekend. Sometimes it's a bit painful. Especially when it's low tide. Some guys here wear shoes. I wore it sometimes but I think I like it better without shoes, so I just don't mind the cuts. Healing my wound through the week like a lion waiting for the next hunting session keeps me awake and gives me energy for the weekdays.
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Hi Tony,

Try with ATAN boots, i use it allways after stay 1 month without sail because a cut. ATAN isnt the stronger boots, but it give you a barefoot fealing, and let you go for the straps easily.


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Serious accidents are rare in WS but as I know to my cost they do happen.
I broke 2 vertebrae in my neck in a bailed out (bigish) jump gone wrong. (landed on head back on board)Typical really ;only thing for miles around and I land head first back on board !
I`ve also broken 2 ribs.(Hit my own fin; again during a "sort" of jump).
There are risks in everything.Bear them in mind but dont let them affect your enjoyment.
Know your limits.(I didnt !) And stay within them. Get good reliable kit. Make your own decisions about going out.Helmet ? I wasn`t wearing one ??Not sure it would have helped; it might have?

Enjoy the sport. If you aren`t enjoying it go home.
There is an ego thing about sailing in rough/windy conditions.Ignore it.
The sports about having fun!
Take care.
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I've seen a guy compress his spine while downhauling (rigging) his sail on the beach, we had pack his gear away for him and he was taken away in an ambulance. Poor guy didn't even get to the water. Haven't seen him since.
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Default compressed his spine

WHAAAA you cant be serious!!!

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Exclamation Serious

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
WHAAAA you cant be serious!!!


seriously - changed my whole approach to downhauling!
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Well, I can tell that windsurf is a dangerous sport!
First of all i can give u a list of my friends accidents, wich have occured while windsurfing:
2003 strained knee joint (r): 8 weeks off
2003 achilles contusion: 4 weeks off
2004 spinal injury: 4 weeks off
2004 strained shoulder: 2 weeks off
2004 strained knee joint (l): 6 weeks off
2004 crashed headfirst: lots of cold sweat
2005 2x back injury: 10 weeks off
2005 strained elbow joint: 1 week off

And lately here in Estonia, a windsurfer died
He froze to death, he wore a lycra shirt and shorts, it wasn't very windy, but the water was around 18-20 degrees
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Default crashed in Holland

Well, I surf a lot in waves and with speed and crash a lot.
Many times nothing happens and usually i walk / swim away from a crash. I only once ruined a sail by jumping through it after catapulting at some height. And ruined some booms because of crashing into them. I had some minor injuries with footsoles (cuts), legs, arms, fingers and lots of brushes.

Last year I had a major accident. Windspeed 25 knots, overpowered with 6.9 sail, Ftype 158, speed on gps reaching 30 knots, hitting a small wave, crashed into the boom and into the board. Resulted in a damaged spine and dislocated arm. I didn't feel the spine, only started to really hurt when I was back on the beach. And luckely my arm snapped back after a few seconds so I was able to pull myself together and get back to shore. Could have resulted in tragedy because I was a long way from shore and the weather and water was cold. Took me a half year to recover and some more months to sail again with speed without fear.
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Old 25th August 2007, 03:06 AM   #19
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does anyone know how many camera men get hit in these waves places where you see loads of them bobbing around, surely they must get hit sometimes?
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Default Interesting accidents

First off:

Many years ago (15) I was sailing along when I spotted some shallows straight ahead, having lost many fins in this lake I though bailing out was the best option. I landed in the shallows and the sail promptly landed on top of me, pinning me under water against the shallows. I struggled for quite some time trying to get out but the sail had both the wind and water holding it down, I had no chance. I eventually had to take a breath and duly did so, of water. Just after that, by shear luck, the sail blew off me and I came up spluttering and very shaken. Of course when I told the guys back on shore how close it was, they just didn't quite get it.

Now for the recent bizarre one:

Speed sailing along at 37kts I lost it in the chop and had a very scary slow down. I eventually came off while still doing around 30kts in a very manageable wipe out, I ended up under the sail with my head through the harness line!!! I got out no problem but how the bloody hell did I manage to get my head through the harness line?

On whether windsurfing is dangerous, no, it's adventurous and carries an element of danger but it is by no means an extreme dangerous sport.

That is unless you're:

Wavesailing monsters or
Sailing in very cold conditions at the limit of your abilities, alone or
Generally ignoring common sense in your sailing.

Walking down the street is dangerous if you close your eyes, windsurfing is not an inherently dangerous sport.

Motocross is, BASE jumping is, free climbing is, streetluging is, freediving is... Windsurfing is not.
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