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So, yesterday i went cruisin at my local spot. 12-13 knots with a 7.6 and my Go139 got me planning a few times and rthen i switched sails with my dad who was surfing the 6.2 and an old Fanatic 340 Fun/Race longboard. and well ... i had a remarkable speed and acceleration upwind when i opened the daggerboard but downwind with closed daggerboard it was unstable, unfriendly and felt like a young horse with his first rider. I had been wondering for a lot longer about it's fin because it came with a wide, short and stumb fin (it's pink so it's still cool) which isn't much longer then 25 cm, less i'm guessing. So yesterday i was beating shortboard sailors with 7.5 sails upwind but downwind i couldn't keep balance and it didn't have the same feeling or speed, my thoughts were: there's something wrong with this fin.
However this board was still 'made in West Germany', hence it's at least as old as i am (18 years) and probably around 20 (i don't know how long Fanatic has been producing boards) and i don't know wether i can apply the same logics for which are used for modern day longboards and apply them on that board (meaning i basicly buy a 40 cm us8 box fin for it (i actually found a few)). The board is 65 cm wide and 340 cm long ... any input would be appreciated! i'd like to ride the board in 7-8 knots with a 7.6 sail without spinning out all the bloody time.
Haiko, AKA crazychemical
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