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Smile Which one K79 or K89 '08?

Hi all !!!!!!

I would like to ask what's new for K79 - K89 '08 .I don't mean the volume but the outline,rails e.t.c of those two boards compare it with '07s.
Tell me your opinion, I have the PA 74 for small board and waves, which does it perfectly.
But, I woul like now a partner to it ,to be my bigger FSW board, for freeride,freestyle, flat water, for light wave wind conditions. I just want to carry on just two boards not more.
I weight 72kg and my sail range is from 4.0 -5.8. Do you think the K89 will be stable in overpower conditions in some times?

Thank you.....have fun!!!!!!!
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The K79 is from the same mould. The K89 is slightly updated from the 87, but I think its is only very minor. Have to check with Tiesda to know exactly. I don't think the general feel of the board has changed though. The boards are a fair bit lighter for 08 though. I have a 79 now and used to have an 87 and I weight 70. Had a PA74 too until recently. So hopefully I can help a bit.

First, both these boards will complement and PA74 very well. The general feel when pushing them into the turn is very similar (and similar to the PA74). There is something very nice about how the lock into a hard turn with forward rail engagement. In a wave you can feel this even more on the Kombats since the wider shoulders make it easier to engage the forward rail. The wider tails of both Kombats make them keep speed on a slower wave a bit better, but they are still fast rockered boards and need either power or finesse to go vertical on x-on stuff. The wider tails of the Kombats does make them reach a limit earlier as riding speeds get higher - but thats when you grab your PA74.

For general riding and for going out, the Kombats will instead have a wider range. The wider tails and front section hurt less on powered up stuff than they are a benefit in slower stuff.

So, when it comes to overpowered riding, both Kombats handle it super well for their size on flat water or chop and when B&J sailing in waves, but once frontside riding and hard carving in a top turn, you should not be to overpowered, I think. Obviously, the K79 will go further into the high wind (or rather high power or high speed) range when wave riding and also for general riding due to its smaller size. It's very hard to give explicit sail size limits though. Slightly underpowered 4.0, small waves and sideshore could feel fine even on the K87 while both K87 and K79 could start to be a handful in choppy cross on stuff with difficult sail handling.

On the light wind end, early planing and upwind with a 5.3 will not differ much, at least not if you git them out with identical fins. With a 5.8, the 87 will have an edge. If will require less work t get going early. The 79 will definitely take the 5,8 too though. If you're throwing in some freestyle tricks (especially with the 5.8) the bigger platform of the 87/89 will clearly be a better choice.

Overall in waves though, the 79 will feel snappier and smaller, but the 87(89) is definitely a good wave board too.

So, overall, the 87/89 seem like the logical choice after all. If it would have only been a light wind wave complement to the 74 you were looking for I would have said 79. But with freeride/freestyle/flat water thrown in, the 87/89 move in for the kill and since it will be good in waves too, the choice is rather easy.

Hope this helps.
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Thank you OLA H !!
I think the kee...will be the K89,it seems is going to feet better to what I need.

Your advice is very helpfull!!!!

Have a nice time~!!!!!!!!
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