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Hi Screamer
If you dont agree no cam are more fun why dont you have them under 7 metre ???
The fun with cammed sails is not in their use; its in the speed they can give.On the other hand a good no cam actually feels "fun" and throwabout. (My NP Alpha`s on RDM mast feels alive/ flexing and breathing in gusts.It actually encourages you to gybe/jump or whatever.Never had that feeling (or anything like it) in a cammed sail.) But ???
Horses for courses.
Good sailing.

If you had one rig to choose for all rest of your sailing what would it be ???

We all know it would not be a cammed sail.? (Mine wouldn`t anyway)

Only the racrers / speedsailors would choose a cammed ! (Me thinks)
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Originally Posted by Floyd View Post
If you had one rig to choose for all rest of your sailing what would it be ???

We all know it would not be a cammed sail.? (Mine wouldn`t anyway)
Well it depends heavily on:
1. WHERE would you spend the rest of your sailing?
2. in what windstrength?

Doesn't it?

Happy sailing
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Philip has hit the nail on the head in post #29. Different types of FUN.
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Originally Posted by steveC View Post
From my experiences, I have to agree with the comments outlined in post #4, although the point made in item 8 is definitely arguable. Cambered sails usually have higher stability in strong winds due to the cambers and the greater structure offered with significantly more battens. For these reasons, a larger sail can be used, thereby offering greater speed potential. In addition, the planform of cambered sails is usually more focused on power and drive, particularly in the shape of the lower portion of the sail below the boom (longer boom lengths and a significantly larger foot for better endplating). It's hard to disagree with the fact that virtually all the pros racing slalom are doing so on cambered sails, and that says a lot.
I had 2 years on Sailworks Retros 5.5/6.5 (6 battens), followed by 4 on Hot Sails Speed Demon 5.5/6.5 (7 battens) and this year I switched to Naish Red Line 5.6/6.5 (7 battens 2 cams).

I weight 150 pounds (68/69Kg) and for me there is no doubt that the cambered sails work better. The Retros were just mediocre so they are out of the comparison. The Hot are great sails but still the Naish are more stable in overpowered conditions and more powerful when underpowered. It is hard to say if they are faster then the Hot, especially the 5.5 vs 5.6 would need some objective testing: my Sonic W52 seems to suffer a bit with the 5.6 (too much side load?) and the impression is that it was a bit more loose and fast with the Hot. But for "slalom" sailing in moderate conditions (6-8 square meters) I will probably never go back to battened ever, unless I get a Hot Sails SuperSpeed that is ...

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