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Hi Ryan,
At 180 lbs. I'd suggest the Futura 122.
I now have one, and to me it sails like a slightly smaller board and my weight is about the same as yours.
If you see more than 16 knots alot of the time, then consider the Futura 111.
The 122 will give you more quality planing time.
Hope this helps,
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Hi Ryan,

I weigh 75kg and I ride Futura 111 with 6.0 and 7.4 freerace camless sails. Since you weigh about 82kg (sorry, I have to transform it to SI unit system) , I would recommend 122l if you are sailing mostly in 15 kts of wind. It would definitely get you planing earlier with that range of sails (probably with 7.0 you'll enjoy the most).
Another thing to consider is the fin.
Most of the time I am using 7.4 sail with a fin 38 or 44. Once winds get stronger (25kts+) I use my 6.0 with fin 32.
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