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Default sailing waveboards compared to slalom

This is my first season windsurfing and I have been sailing all the time on a slalom board using a 7.6 and a 5.8 in all conditions I could get out on. My board is the hypersonic 111 2004. I recently picked up a 5.0 and a 4.1 as well as an 80 L old freestyle wave type board. I have seen a WHOLE new side of windsurfing and love it! But wave boards are VERY different than slalom boards. So here are my questions

1. Going upwind - how do you do it? I try railing or carving upwind and it works alright, but the board only seems to go fast when I am going downwind. My sail feels very unpowered and I don't know what I am doing wrong. Other people on 73 L boards are creaming me upwind. I go further upwind schlogging. Can I press a little on the fin? Is it anything like slalom boards?

2. Regular Sailing - I find that the only real way these boards get going is by really keeping the front leg straight. Is this correct? I have to be almost right over the board to get max speed?

3. Early Planing - since I have no fin at all really to pressure against... do I wait until im fully planing for both feet in the straps? I found that pumping off the wind helps a lot and I can get in the straps, but then I hook in and it feels like the sail is really raked back (but its not I don't think) and I loose a lot of power...

sorry there are a lot of questions. I just want to make the most out of the few sessions we have left in our season. Yesterday I was out sailing in + 4 degrees max... its only october :-(


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Hi Windsurferdaag,

I'm no expert, but I've sailed the hypersonic as well as waveboards so I have some comments on the differences in style.

1. When going upwind on a hypersonic a lot of pressure is on the back foot and the board is flat or railed slightly to leeward. When going upwind on a waveboard the pressure is shifted more onto the front foot and the mast base, and the board is railed slightly to windward. A bigger fin can help go upwind on a waveboard, but you usually don't press too hard on the fin. Getting good angle as well as speed upwind on a waveboard may just take lots of practice.

2. I think you are more or less correct about keeping your front pretty straight to go fast. A waveboard stance is more usually upright than a hiked-out slalom stance.

3. Yeah, pumping is good for early planing. It also just takes a lot of wind, period. I think you can get your front foot in before you are fully planing, but maybe wait a bit to stick the back one in.

One more thing- using a waist harness will help a lot with the waveboard stance, if you're not using one already.

Have fun!
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James, I find to get the wave boards going better do this. Picture in your mind the flat section is just behind the mast track to halfway between the front and rear footstrap. Try to keep the board on that flat section and stay off the tail . Espically to get planning. When powered up point your rear toes a bit to leeward and pull your front foot gently to windward against the strap. Keep the mast as upright as possible, don't rake it over yourself.
I own a Hypersonic 111 as well and found the transition back to the wave board
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