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Default new combat.. 96 ore 105

I am sailing de combat 105 liter wood for 3 years and i really love the board in light wind conditions. I sail 5.9 icon and 6.7 crossover from simmer on it.
If the wind gets stronger i take the evo 74 from 2006 (i can surf the 74 with the 5.8 sail and a larger fin).
Now i am thinking about buyng the new combat becaus the plane faster and have a higher end speed. But now i am not sure if i should buy the 96 ore 105 liters. The 105 i have now is hard to get in bottumturns, most of the time i have to take mine back feet out of the strap.
But if i take the 96 will it work whit a 6.7 sail??
Mine body weight is around 79 kg and i am sailing Simmer Style 6.7 5.9 on a rdm mast.
I hope you can give me some good advise.

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Well, 6.7 will probably be boarderline on a the K96 at your weight but my guess is that you will still plane at least as early as with the 105. The 28 crossover fin is rather powerful and think it will handle the 6.8. For wave riding, the K96 will be a lot easiers and connect much better to your EVO, so overall the 96 will be a more all round size, but you should definitely look into getting a Drake Natural wave fin (same as EVO) in something like 25cm (even 26 might work if you're not gonna use it with smaller than 5.9).
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Chris Pressler
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Hi Jeroen,
the Kombat 96 is not too big, but gets on planing quite easy. I sailed a 6.0 Gator on it and felt very comfortable. I really can imagine that it works with the 6.7. The board is very lively, easy to get on the rail and extremely quick. You should have fun on it. And the best bottom turns you will turn with your 5,9 or perhaps 5,3. Just get in a shorter wavefin around 24 cm.
You would have also the opportunity to take the EVO 100. Same width like the K96, but more wave oriented.

All the best,

Chris Pressler

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I buy some extra fins whit it.
Maybe a 30 crossover for the 6.7 sail and a 26 wave fin for the 5.9 sail.
Can also use that fin at the evo 75 and the 5.9 sail if the wind is constant and really powerd up.
Greetings from a freezing holland.
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luis garcia yuste
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hello for all people,
I have a K96 (2006) in catalogue 4.5-6.5m2, and Im 72 kg.
I sail with a freeride sail 6.6 m2 when de wind has 16 knots to 18 knots, and it is always a fun session, and any problem.
When the wind incrises to 20 knots I sail with a crossover sail 5.8m2, normally with a little wave (0.5 -1m)
If the win has 25 knots I sail with a wave sail 5.0m2
For mi K96 do not have any problem with 6.6 and 5.8 m2.
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