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Default weed fin for S-type 126

hi team starboard,
I have a st126 which i use 3 different fins in, one of which is a 40cm leading edge weed fin. I have used it a few times and find that the board is extremely hard to get planing in the same wind strength as the others would make the board release alot earlier. It is harder to get going than the stock 40cm drake fin, which(sorry) but I dont realy like that much compared to the 39 cm select race fin that I find puts the board on the plane instantly and holds good on all angles of sail. I have only used the board/weed fin combo with a 6.5m sail. I wouldn't have thought that this fin would be to small for this sail size.
Has any one from starboard done any testing with weed fins in the s-types to give me an idea of what might be the best way to go. bigger fin/ different make.
thanks dave.
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Hi Dave,
It depends alot on which weed fin you have, but it seems to me that you are a bit "over finned" with a 39 and 40 cm with a 6.5 m2 rig.
I've used Lessacher Design 32 and 36 cm fins with good success on a lot of boards, and I've used Tangent Dynamics Reaper weed fins in 39 cm/ 35 cm and 32 cm with good results as well.
What weed fin do you have that's 40 cm along the leading edge, and what is the angle of the LE of the fin..... 45 deg. 50 deg... progressive rake....?
Weed fins in general aren't the best for early planing, but the Tangent Dynamics Reaper and the True Ames Shallow Water Weed (with progressive rake LE angles) are amoung the best as you lose only a little performance when compared to a vertical fin.
Hope this helps,
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thanks for your reply roger,
the fin I use is 40cm deep, I think aprox 45 deg rake??, and the brand is "leading edge". Locally made in western australia in full carbon. highly reputable fins, but unsure as to how good the st126 seems to react to this fin. as I wrote. the board just doesn't want to plane that easily. I have to turn of the wind alot more to get going and when on the plane it doesn't feel like it is over fined.
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Hi dave,

While I have no experience with the ST126, I have used weed fins for years. The ones that have impressed me the most are the Lessacher Duo Weeds, which are asymmetrically foiled. I have a 28s that I use in a 5.6 to 7.0 range, and a 34 that I use with an 8.3. Even though they are raked at 45 degrees and the leading edge is not set forward of the finbox, the lift that these fins offer is amazing. Also, their windward ability (a traditional weak point with weed fins) is outstanding and they're incredibly resistent to spinout. I attribute these performance qualities to the asymmetrical foiling concept. I can't prove that scientifically, but believe it nonetheless, as it's hard to explain their brillant performance otherwise. Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend them without reservation.


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