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Let's not get too attached to the idea about fin length, as it's only part of the picture. It's really aspect ratio that tends to define a fin's outline, and ultimately its length.

Sometimes it's really more meaningful to think about a fin's total area. For example, I have a True Ames 24cm low aspect wave fin that roughly has the same total area as my high aspect Tectonics 34cm Goldwing slalom fin. Although the fins differ in concept and performance potential, I find that they are quite interchangeable on the same board and sail.
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Originally Posted by Floyd View Post
Thats nonesense kimax.

You always need a place to start .
x5 adding 3 ; might not be perfect but it certainly gives a (good) starting point especially for people who need to ask.(ie beginners or folk not at extreme of sport)
Poster is not aking what fin to use on his speedboard chasing Antoine;or for his waveboard looping with Mat.He`s asking for general advice !

Using this is never going to put you out with absolutely wrong fin; certainly could listeing to certain folk on here.

Have you even tried it with a few sail sizes ???

Fair enough give your advice but dont deride other people`s.

Calculators DO work .(within reaon and for a GUIDE !!!)
Akuna matata, Floyd, I didn't mean disregard other posts. Calculator is a place to start, but cannot be the only reason for buying. One should always think about particular board/sails/fin. Otherwise e.g. novice might buy freestyle fin for S-type...
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Hallo Eldon! I have to read all days some mails, What fin.????????? Sorry, I work fins.
The most write how many liter the board have. I mail back. For Slalom, Freeride, Speed,
Wave ,Freestyle? The answer lets say is the most time : Freeride.
I mail back: Just for fun? Or with more speed? Okay for fun. How many liter have your
board? How big are your sails? What is your weight? Love you to go down wind, or high
upwind or both? Okay: 130l, 6-9mē sails, your weight is 85kg, you love more down wind.
There my fins are for all water good, I forget the question: flat or chop. At best only one fin. Here I can say : I think my Freeride Duo 39 cm in Carbon should be okay. With only
7mē is 36 cm faster, but only one fin. Upwind are the softer G10 fins better than carbon.
The most forget what box. You see now, so many questions and answers,not so easy and
that was only a part of all it. I forgot weedfins. Where can I read what faster is? A upright
fin, a rake 30° fin, or can it be a weedfin with 45°. At the moment not so easy to say.
But with the help of other friends is all it to make. Wolfgang
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